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Hearing With Hegley

Radio 4
Series One 1996 (seven programmes?)
Series Two 1998 (eight programmes)
Series Three 2000 (eight programmes)

The first two series of this show consisted of no-nonsense, quarter-hour showcases for the poetical talents of Luton's finest son, John Hegley.  The avenging angel of the bespectacled classes delivered his verse - usually comic, sometimes poignant - from a number of live venues; some of the poems were set to music provided by his band, the Popticians.  Series Three was different and featured Hegley out and about at various events including a school visit, a bookshop opening and a radio appearance: it was sometimes interesting, and featured guest appearances from Simon Munnery and Christopher Logue; sadly, though, the overall impression was of programming on the cheap. 

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