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Heated Rollers

Radio 2
1999 (six programmes)

The first Radio 2 sketch show to feature an all-woman team, this mixture of comic chat, parodies and running gags was built around a trio consisting of sitcom doyenne Lynda Bellingham, Joanna Monro and Gwyneth Strong (best known as Cassandra in BBC1’s Only Fools and Horses).  Lorraine Bowen, a sort of distaff John Shuttleworth, provided novelty songs with keyboard accompaniment under the billing of “the Lorraine Bowen Experience”, and provided an innovative setting of the credits list to music — sadly, there were no rhyming contributors.  ‘All-woman’ in Radio 2 terms apparently does not extend to the writing team, which consisted of Nev Fountain, Caroline Gold, Mark Dayden, Simon Blackwell, Claire Summerskill, Bryonie Lavery and Lesley Anne Elviston.

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