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Hair In The Gate
Radio 5
Original series 1993 (six episodes)
Radio 4
Series One 1995 (four episodes)
Series Two 1996 (four episodes)

Clive Coleman’s sitcom set in “the glitzy world of arts broadcasting”, following life in the production office of ‘Arting About’, a second-rate arts show staffed by an assortment of widely-drawn characters.  The original cast included Harriet Thorpe, Lorelei King, Forbes Masson and Geoffrey Whitehead.  

Some time after Radio 5 was dismantled, the show reappeared with a similar cast, now on Radio 4.  The programme was billed as a brand-new comedy although some scripts and, in places, parts of the soundtrack, were recycled from the original series.  (This resulted in an irritated letter from the chronicler of this document to Radio 4’s Feedback; the official line appears to be that the defunct Radio 5 had, effectively, no listeners, and that such material was not so much repeated as rescued).  A second Radio 4 series later appeared with a substantially new cast: only Whitehead remained, as the highbrow Brian Melvin, while Rebecca Front came in as new presenter Sheena Donut.

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