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Do Go On

Radio 4
Series One 1997 (four programmes)
Series Two 1999 (six programmes)

A supposedly highbrow chat show in the style of Start The Week or Channel 4’s After Dark.  The series, which promised "arch debate", was chaired by spoof presenter Ainsley Elliott — in reality, Griff Rhys Jones employing something alleged to be a Stoke accent.  His regular co-stars were Graeme Garden, Melanie Hudson and Geoff McGivern, playing a variety of recurring self-appointed experts.  For the second series, Jude Prentiss, a character played by Hudson in a couple of Series One shows, became Ainsley’s co-presenter, and the two spent most of the time belittling each other’s contributions.  Several  semi-regular performers also appeared in this series.  The script (which presumably included some room for improvisation) was generally attributed to "the cast", together with Nick Canner and the producer, Paul B Davies.

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