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Radio 4
Series One 1996 (five episodes)
Series Two 1998 (six episodes)
Series Three 1999 (four episodes)

Real-life lawyer Clive Coleman’s traditionalist sitcom about the legal profession.  John Bird starred as the smug but ambitious head of chambers John Fuller-Carp, a barrister with a distinctive line in cross-examination tactics (“When you say ‘no’, I presume that you do in fact mean ‘yes’?”) who desperately coveted the QC status which dangled permanently out of reach.  His colleagues were the well-meaning idiot Hilary Tripping (James Fleet) and Ruth Quirk (Lesley Sharp in the first series, Coronation Street’s Sarah Lancashire in the second and third), a left-wing ex-Citizens’ Advice Bureau employee elected to the chambers via a classic sitcom misunderstanding.  Jonathan Kydd played the clerk, Vince.

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