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Bussmann and Quantick Kingsize

Radio 4
1998 (five programmes)

Late-night, half-hour show in what had, a couple of weeks earlier, been the Late Night Opening strand, which as part of the Changes of April 1998 was expanded to include non-comedy programmes, run over every weeknight and rechristened Late Night On 4.  The series was written by journalists and Loose Ends regulars Jane Bussmann and David Quantick, who performed it, with the aid of Steve Brody, Emma Clarke and Peter Serafinowicz, from “London’s exclusive Imperial Rooms, Mayfair” (allegedly “live”, but presumably prerecorded).  Each show contained a mixture of acerbic sketches, provocative one-liners and ranting monologues delivered by both Bussmann and Quantick.  Highlights included “The Boring Kite”, a gripping Swiss TV serial about a young boy’s epic search for an uninteresting flying toy.

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