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Armstrong and Miller
Radio 4
1998 (four programmes)

Ben Miller (responsible for The Young Postmen) and Alexander Armstrong are a highly promising double-act specialising in the creation of painstakingly developed throwaway characters, and have made regular appearances on Radio 4’s Loose Ends.  This very short series (containing, in total, just an hour of material) co-starred Samuel West and Tony Gardner.  It was actually Armstrong and Miller’s first series for radio — but, in a strange reversal of the accepted comedians’ career path, much of the material here had previously been seen on television: the TV series, also entitled Armstrong and Miller, was transmitted firstly on the Paramount Comedy Channel (cable) and subsequently on Channel 4.  The mysterious underpromotion of this television version, and the brevity of its radio offshoot, have resulted in the duo remaining practically unknown; it is to be hoped that later television or radio appearances will bring a greater deal of recognition.

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