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Alan Parker
Radio 1

The Urban Warrior himself, star of the earlier series Alan Parkerís 29 Minutes of Truth, returned to Radio 1 with a new show in line with the stationís new policy on comedy formats: shows were an hour long, contained music tracks, and were (or appeared to be) presented live.  Some comedians prospered in these conditions, but Alan (or rather his creator Simon Munnery) was clearly not one of them: admittedly, a few of his finest moments came in this series, but in general what had worked extremely well as a half-hour Ďbuiltí show tended to become rambling and unfocussed.  The music selection eschewed the charts, and was largely a mixture of punk tunes Alan would genuinely have wanted to play and songs which had some punning thematic link to whatever Alan happened to be ranting about: this device had worked in the original series, where only brief snatches were played, but now became embarrassingly tedious.  Several of the later shows just seemed to fall apart, with huge tranches of music and very little contribution from Alan in between.  Still, the brilliant self-defeating slogans remained, and there was some new material from the Truth, Alanís own band.  Another series along the same lines, which went out in 1996, was entitled Alan Parker: Roadwarrior.

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