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An Actorís Life For Me

Radio 2
No transmission dates available
Series One 1989
Series Two 1990
Series Three  1993

John Gordon Sinclair, who has carved out a niche playing luckless and usually dozy fantasists on television and in films such as Gregoryís Girl, starred in this sitcom about Robert Wilson, a struggling actor. The show, which has been credited with restoring Radio 2ís dwindling reputation for comedy, was written by Paul Mayhew Archer, who also works as a producer. Robertís girlfriend Sue was played by Caroline Quentin, and his agent by Gary Waldhorn.  In 1991 the series transferred to BBC1, where Robertís surname became Neilson, and Gordon Sinclairís co-stars were Gina McKee and Victor Spinetti.  This version ran to only one series (although Sinclair and Mayhew Archer subsequently collaborated on another TV sitcom, Nelsonís Column, about local journalist Gavin Nelson); in 1993 the programme returned to radio, with McKee now taking on the audio role of Sue.

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