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Five Squeezy Pieces

Radio 4
Series One 1998 (six programmes)
Series Two 1999 (five programmes)

Late-night, (almost) all-female sketch series written by its five performers, Claire Calman, Julia Davis, Maria McErlane, Meera Syal and Arabella Weir, with additional material by Sarah Parkinson.  A selection of rather fey comic poems on the usual topics (men's failings, women's failings, dieting) were interspersed among the comparatively strong sketches.  The high quotient of regular characters included a woman who interpreted any action on the part of any man as a serious declaration of sexual interest, and a self-centred journalist whose diary column reported in rather too much detail on the doings of her friends, family and butcher, causing them all to turn against her and resulting in the collapse of her own life, which she duly converted into diary fodder.  For the second series -- by which point the element of middle-class metropolitan material was threatening to overbalance the show -- Davis was no longer around, and Parkinson came in on performance duties to keep the title accurate.  Toby Longworth appeared (uncredited in the first series) as the show's "token male" performer. 

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