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Pokemon Yellow

It's the original Pokémon, but with a twist. Pikachu is your start Pokémon, and he refuses to get inside his Poké-ball! Therefore, he will follow you around where ever you go. Pokemon Yellow is also known as TV Pokemon in Japan, since there are many characters from the TV series that are in the game. Let's go into more detail. Everything starts out normal until you try to go into the field. Prof. Oak will stop you, but as he does,he'll be attacked by a wild Pikachu! Oak will catch it with a Poké-ball, then bring you back to his lab. There he will give Gary an Eevee and Ash Pikachu. There's one small problem though....Pikachu won't get into the Poké-ball! So Pikachu will follow you around. You can stop every so often and talk to Pikachu to see what kind of mood he's in. Pikachu will be happy if you pay attention to him, use him in battles, and win all your fights. He's be mad at you if you lose a lot or if you put him into Bill's PC. As you travel along the land, you will find out you can collect all 150 Pokemon...without trading with another player! Yes, you will also find Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, all in the order Ash finds them in the TV series. Pokémon live in different places in this version as well. You might find a Rhydon on Route 5 for instance. No word yet on if you can find Mew in this version. You will also run into Team Rocket members from the TV show, like James, Jessie and Meowth, who annoyingly repeat their motto each time you meet. James and Jessie will call out Koffing and Ekans into battle, who later evolve into Wheezing and Arbok. The game also has a special GB Printer Option, allowing you to print out your Pokédex! The Pokémon have also been redone so they look better on the tiny screen. Pokémon Yellow will not be optimized for GameBoy Color, but it will have special pallets to give it an optimized look. It will also have Super GameBoy pallets. You can expect this title to arrive to our shores September 30.

Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center in Pokemon Yellow for GameBoy

Team Rocket

Now! Just like the show, with Jesse and James!!