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Pokemon Snap 64

Players across the globe have been asking for a N64 Pokémon game. Their dreams will come true this summer when Pokémon Snap reaches North America. Pokémon Snap is a wild adventure at Pokémon Island, where Pokémon are allowed to run free. Of course, Professor Oak maintains the safety of the Pokémon on the island and he asks wants to photograph them all for his records. Instead of risking his neck, though, you are the one employed to hunt down the Pokémon. You, playing as shutter bug Snap, are given a roll of 60 shots, and sent out into the world. Pokémon Island is split up into seven different sections. You can take pictures from any angle and of any Pokémon, so your picture album will be unique each time you play! You can have a wide variety of pictures; posed shots, action shots, candid shots... However, many Pokémon are shy of cameras, therefore you have to lure them out. You can use special Pokémon food to lure them out of their hiding spots. Advanced photographers can use the Poke-Flute to make the Pokémon perform for the camera. However, some may even attack if they think they're being threatened! There will be lots more info as the release date comes closer. Pokémon Snap is scheduled to be released June 29.


Do you like my egg?


This is your vehicle and you are the photographer from the Pokemon Episode "PAPARAZZI"