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New Pokemon Jungle Packs

The Jungle Expansion! POKÉMON JUNGLE EXPANSION - (Its official! - Here is the latest news sent to retailers) "You've seen the video game, and you've seen the TV show. it! What will happen when Pikachu evolves into Raichu? Will Team Rocket ever go straight? It's fast and furious clashes of lightning and pride! The Pokémon and their trainers are ready to give it their all. Are you? Dare you even begin the quest to find the legendary Pokémon Paradise? Play hard, and find out with: Preconstructed Decks and Booster Packs! Booster Packs and Blister Booster Packs contain 11 cards. Preconstructed Decks, Power Reserve J-Hooked Preconstructed Decks, and Water Blast J-Hooked Preconstructed Decks contain 60 cards, 10 damage counters, 1 rulebook and 1 Pokémon coin." Boosters will be $2.99 pack, Preconstructed decks will be $9.99. Available this summer.

New Scyther Packs

The new Jungle Packs will have Scyther on the front.


There is a rumor around that there is a special hologram Pikachu that you can get that looks like this -->