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Pokemon Gold and Silver

Soon to be released in Japan in near March, Pokemon Gold and Silver (could even be called Pokemon 2), will be stocking store shelves and leaving just as quickly as they are put on. So far, what everyone has heard about Pokemon Gold and Silver, is very little. There will be maybe a choice between picking a male or female character which is pretty cool, kind of like it is in Harvest Moon for Gameboy. One thing for sure is it will be compatible with Colour Gameboy and with normal Gameboy. The game will have 250 monsters in it. Old version like Green and Red will be able to trade monsters that are shared in both cartridges. There is no list of pokemon yet that are compatible with both versions. Supposedly the new for of transportation is a skateboard. Maybe you can breed pokemon is this version, thats what some news sources are saying. Remember, not very much of this info is definite and some may be rumors. Anyways, here are some looks of some of the new monsters in Pokemon Gold and Silver!

New Pokemon

Several new Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Here are some of them -->

New Pokemon Gold and Silver Screen Shot

Another New Pokemon Gold and Silver Screen Shot