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There was a lot about the 80's music that made it special, not the least of which was MTV, Music Television. Originally, MTV only showed music videos, starting with the Buggles and Video Killed the Radio Star. No song was ever truer, or more prophetic, than this one! No longer did rock stars need to do promotions with local radio stations to get air play. They only needed to produce a great (or not so great) video and hype it up on MTV. After MTV (or was it before, I can't remember) Friday Night Videos was for those of us without cable. This was one of my favorite shows and I can still remember babysitting for the neighbors' kids on Friday night and watching Madonna and Borderline. Wow!
After MTV, along came VH1. Supposedly for older video viewers, VH1 now has some great shows like Where are They Know and Pop Up Video. I think VH1 is better now than MTV is, because they don't have any crappy shows like "The Real World." But I digress!

GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!

Listed below are some musicians I feel made the 80's great, with some links to their home pages. I am in no way responsible for anything on these other pages, but please, if I have omitted anyone, let me know so I can add their site!
Thanks for helping keep the 80's alive,
Phil G, the 80's guy

Great 80's Bands, with links to their home pages!
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