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80's movies! Phil G's Top 10 80's Movies 80's movies!

There are many movies that could be in the top 10 80's movies of all time. In my humble opinion, these are MY top 10 movies. Feel free to send me back e-mail and let me know what YOU think!

Real Genius
1. Real Genius is my favorite 80's movies, and is one of the greatest movies of all time. Starring the one and only Val Kilmer. Yes, it's pre-Top Gun. I have seen this movie at least 10 or 15 times, mostly with my good buddy Matt Moriva. It's a classic.

Top Gun

2. Top Gun is number 2 for me...and I know number one for most people. I really like this movie a lot. However, Val Kilmer was much funnier in Real Genius. This is probably the hardest choice for me, especially as I spent 4 years in the Navy and have actually seen F-14's and an aircraft carrier in use during training missions on board the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). Just a note...When Top Gun came out, I was at UWGB for choir camp. We were given the opportunity to see Top Gun or Legal Eagles (starring the beautiful and talented Daryl Hannah). I chose Legal Eagles.

Bueller? Bueller?

3. Number 3 is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. A great flick by a great actor. Matthew Broderick is hilarious. I think this is a far better movie than "War Games." Lately, he hasn't been in as good of roles, but in the 80's, he was awesome!


4. Number 4 is Weird Science. Anthony Michael Hall at his absolute BEST! Lisa was such a babe in this movie. Too bad you can't really make your own "dream girl," huh??

Nerds? Nerds?

5. This is a great movie. The Tri-Lambs VS The Alpha Betas. Revenge of the Nerds is a classic flick and needs to be recognized as the classic work that it is! Hey, isn't that the doctor from ER?? Yep, it sure is!

Back to the Future

6. "McFly? McFly? Is anyone home McFly?" Michael J. Fox before he was the Deputy Mayor on Spin City, and even pre-Teen Wolf! Gotta love this flick. It's so popular, there is even a ride named "Back to The Future" at Universal Studios.

Breakfast Club

7. The Breakfast Club is an american classic, for sure dude! Molly Ringwald is such a babe. Oops, WAS such a babe!

Wax on, Wax off!

8. The Karate Kid is another American treasure. I fell in love with "Ali with an i" long ago. Elizabeth Shue is still a mega-babe in my book.

The Brat Pack

9. St. Elmo's Fire. These guys rule! I feel like I was a charter member of the Brat Pack, and have had a crush on Ally Sheedy as long as I can remember. Whatever happened to her??

Dude, it's totally awesome!

10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was Sean Penn's only good movie in the 80's. Too bad he wasn't always this funny!

Gotta cut footloose!
11. Footloose was a great movie. A real classic. Kevin Bacon was great in this flick.

The Wedding Singer
12. The Wedding Singer might not have been made in the 80's, but no movie has personified the 80's as much as this one! If I was only 10 years older, this would have been me. Especially the hair!

Honorable Mention

Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters was a great movie starring some great actors. "Are you the Gatekeeper? I am the Keymaster?"

Spaceballs was a classic spoof movie!

Here Gopher Gopher!

Caddyshack was an awesome movie that made most everyone laugh that saw it.

Stay Gold, The Unofficial Outsiders Page
The Outsiders was a great movie with some great stars. It is included mostly for my brother Paul, who loved the book and has seen the movie enough to know it too. Love ya man! Stay Gold Paul!

Stand By Me

Stand By Me is also a classic movie about some tough times growing up and maturing. I loved it!

Pretty In Pink! Isn't Molly hot?

Yes, I finally put a link to the beautiful Molly Ringwald's best movie, Pretty in Pink!

Name's Drebin, Frank Drebin!

Naked Gun, starring beautiful women and a bungling detective, was another 80's classic. What more could you want than OJ Simpson and other stars!

All the Goonies!

The Goonies was definitely an 80's classic! Corey Feldman was hilarious in this great movie about...well, you know what it's about!

16 Candles, yet another 80's classic! 16 Candles was another great 80's movie.

The Lost Boys are now added, by popular request! I haven't seen this movie, so no comments from the 80's guy for this one!

Can't forget about Labyrinth!

I'm going to add more movies, don't worry, like Gremlins and Princess Bride (by request) and many many more. So stop back soon, and you will be surprised!
Phil G 


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