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80s Video Games

There were lots of great games that I played growing up. I was a lucky kid, looking back on it: my parents owned a bar and we would get a new game every month or so. As such, I was able to play a lot of games and get a lot of great scores. The following is a list of my favorite games, along with a bit of nostalgia, and some links to sites about them. Enjoy! If you want to see the video game systems I played when I was growing up, visit My Game Systems Page which will go into some detail about the multitude of systems I played growing up!

Phil G
The '80s Guy

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Great Games of the 80's!

was the first great video game. It revolutionized leisure times for people all across the USA!

Mr. Do!
Mr. Do! was a great game that I remember quite fondly from my time living in a bar. This game stayed the longest at our little place, and I was able to get pretty good at it. Not as good as Jay Booth, the resident expert, but pretty darn good. My brothers and I spent a lot of quarters on this game and never did manage to quite beat Jay's highest of high scores. Oh well.

Pooyan was a little known game by Konami that my baby brother Patrick was very good at. It's a game where you would be a little pig, shooting hotdogs at hot air balloons, trying to not get eaten by the big bad wolf. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to one day find this game again and purchase it, once I get more successful and am rich (along with every other video game known to man)!

Donkey Kong kicked butt. I can remember going over to Mike Glish's house and trying to conquer it on Atari, and then wasting my money at the arcade trying to beat it. Thankfully, one of my favorite bars in Milwaukee has it, so I can still enjoy the original version!

Tapper was another of my favorite games. My 2 brothers and I were quite competitive at this game, and there was never a clear winner, although I like to think I was the best! My brother Paul has since purchased Root Beer Tapper for the computer for both of us, and I am looking forward to many more hours of competition between us!

Timber was a little known game that I used to play at my first job at Hilltop Resort and Supper Club. It was a great game, and I was able to get the high score on this game every time I played it. The only thing that stopped me from a million points was the nice lady who gave me a ride home every night, Pat Karrells, needed to leave before I could even die once! But at least I had a ride home!

Space Invaders!
Space Invaders was another favorite of mine. I was never very good at this game. My brother Paul was the master of disaster at this one. I won't bother explaining this one to you, as most everyone has played Space Invaders. Click on the image to play a great Java version of the game!

Burger Time was a fun game. I was king at this game. Being a chef at heart, I especially enjoyed this game. I was able to score over 200,000 points in one game!

Congo Bongo
Congo Bongo was a pretty dumb, yet difficult game. Another game my baby brother Patrick was great at. Being a hunter and trying not to get crushed by rocks and coconuts was quite an interesting experience.
Frogger! Ribbit!
Frogger was, and is, an arcade classic. Being a little froggy, jumping to and fro, trying not to get hit by traffic, could prove to be quite a difficult task. My cousin Heather's nickname was "Frogger" but not because she was so good at this game. She just loved frogs! Click on the game to play a Java version of Frogger!

Asteroids! I loved this game, and we used to play it at the Country Inn, whenever my mom and step-father would take us out to eat. A classic game, and one you can now play for free, with no download, right on your desktop. Click the name to go there!

QBert was a tough game. I never was much good at it, but I loved playing it anyway. Click on the game to play a great Java version of the game!

Joust kicks Butt!
Joust was great fun. I would play this at Uncle Danny's bar, the Mohawk, until I ran out of quarters. My cousins were better at this than I, as they lived at the bar with my aunt and uncle!

Pole Position is the pre-cursor to all the great driving games of today. I play it today on the computer, but it's not quite the same. I used to play this all the time at my friend Jason Herrell's house. I got to be quite good at the game on the 5200, - arcade rom and information repository
You can get all the old classics and play them on an emulator from!


Another great game was Yar's revenge. Angelfire has nicely created Revenge of Yar's Revenge. Check it out!!!

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