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the '80s Guy

Phil G

Name: Phil Gerbyshak

Age: 27

Home: Well, I'm originally from Crivitz, WI, but now I live in Milwaukee, WI.

Personal home page (still in progress):

Hobbies: '80s stuff (obviously), sports, web page design, and sleeping (never enough!)

Favorite part of the '80s: The great music!

Other info (i.e. My Life Story):
Well, I'm a pretty normal guy who grew up in the '80s. I experienced first hand "Life in a Northern Town," and it was pretty boring. Crivitz isn't exactly a hotbed for fun, if you get my drift. The one thing I did enjoy was watching the NBC Game of the Week every Saturday morning and listening to WIXX (101.1 on your Green Bay radio dial) for all the greatest music. That's how my love for the sports and music of the '80s began. After I graduated high school in 1992, I joined the Navy. If you haven't been in the military, you might not understand this, but then again maybe you might. Life kind of freezes when you join the military, at least if you don't really like it, and you cope with things by reminiscing about the past. So I listened to LOTS of music, played LOTS of "classic" video games, and just generally pretended I was enjoying the '80s the way I never got to when I was growing up, because now I had MONEY (at least more than I was used to)! So I bought tons of music CDs and watched a lot of '80s movies, and just generally grew up again, only it was regression, but oh well.
Fortunately, I have been out of the Navy since 1996, and I've changed a LOT in those 3 and 1/2 years, mostly for the better. But oddly enough, I still love the '80s. I have about 350 compact disc's, mostly '80s music. And I bought a Sony Playstation just so I could play all the classic video games that I grew up with.
My next purchase will probably be a full size pinball game. I love pinball! I always have, and I always will.
Anyway, that's all there really is to know about me, without knowing me. If you thirst for more, send me an e-mail and I'll answer your question. I'm not shy, just don't want TOO MANY weirdos getting all kinds of information about me without my permission.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and for taking a few seconds to read about me. Whoo-hoo! Exciting, exciting!

Phil Gerbyshak

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