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  • 3/13/02- Thanks so much to Lilly from New Jersey for signing the slam book, rock on!! I finally decided to take the old poll off and put a new poll on. The new question is: what is your favorite song on the new album...and yes, I know that I left Wishing Well and All Over Again off, they only allow ten choices, and there are 12 bear with me. I wanted to take California off, but I figured it'll probably be the most popular choice...maybe i should still take it off... The results from the other poll, Which song should have made it on the new album, are as follows: (out of 69 total votes)

    1. Do The Panic- 18 votes

    2. The Guest and Fine on my Own- tied with 12 votes a piece

    3. Tyranny of Words- 8 votes

    4. Shadows- 6 votes

    5. This Heart of Mine- 4 votes

    6. It's Over Now and By My Side- tied with 3 votes a piece

    7. Who Cares- 2 votes

    8. Other- 1 vote

    So put your vote in please, and also sign the Guestbook and slambook!! Take Care, Karen

  • 3/11/02- Be sure to catch the guys performing tomorrow night on Late Night with Conan O'Brien!! Also look for them on tour with Incubus during May-July!! Anyone have any pics from recent shows?? I would gladly accpet some to post on here!! haha, I'll give you credit and everything. The last pics I have are from City Walk in August...which I still haven't posted....argh. I haven't seen the guys since then, so any pics would be appreciated!! Take care, Karen
  • 2/25/02- What can i say?? WOW!! I got my copy of "The Guest" today...I love it!! It's so good to hear the new album!! It officially comes out tomorrow, GO GET IT!! The limited edition disc is great too!! These will not be leaving my CD player for a very long time. You will not be disappointed, I promise!!I swear someday I will post some pictures...I haven't had much time lately. I feel so bad for what this site has become...I am trying though!! *Karen*
  • *Tour Dates*
  • 2/26 Los Angeles, CA USC FREE 12 noon

  • 2/26 Hollywood, CA Aron's Records 7:30pm FREE parking lot performance. First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see the band play at the Roxy 3/2.

  • 2/27 Los Angeles, CA UCLA 12 noon FREE electric set.

  • 2/27 Long Beach , CA Fingerprints 7pm FREE acoustic set. First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see the band play at the Roxy 3/2.

  • 2/28 Claremont, CA Rhino Claremont 5pm FREE acoustic set. First 50 phans to purchase the album to receive a ticket to see band play at the Glasshouse that evening.
  • 2/28 Pomona, CA The Glass House ON SALE Supporting band is Maroon5.

  • 3/2 West Hollywood, CA Roxy Theatre ON SALE Supporting bands are Silver Crush and The Start.
  • 3/5 Phoenix, AZ Arizona State Campus FREE Electric set followed by an immediate instore appearance at Hoodlum's, which is located in the ASU Student Union.

  • 3/6 Berkeley, CA UC Berkeley 12 noon FREE performance Lower Sproul Plaza

  • 3/12 *TV Appearance* Late Night with Conan O'Brien Phantom Planet makes an appearance

  • 3/13 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of the Living Arts Supporting Remy Zero ON SALE

  • 3/14 Washington, D.C. Black Cat Supporting Remy Zero ON SALE
  • 3/26 New York, New York Village Underground ON SALE

  • 4/2 Grand Rapids, Michigan Intersection Supporting Guided By Voices ON SALE

  • 4/3 Detroit, Michigan Magic Sticks Supporting Guided By Voices ON SALE
  • 4/5 Cleveland, Ohio Beachland Ballroom Supporting Guided By Voices ON SALE
  • 4/6 Buffalo, New York The Continental Supporting Guided By Voices

  • 1/28/02 Wow, greetings out there in Phantom Planet land. I'm not sure if anyone visits this page anymore, because of my laziness for updating. But that is going to change now! I promise. Ok, on with the Phantom planet news:

    Phantom Planet's 2nd Studio album "The Guest" is going to be released February 26, 2002. YAY!!

    The first single from the album is "California" which has hit some radio stations already, but we need to request it too! Also look for the video on MTV2 and local video shows.

    For those lucky enough to have MTV2 also can catch a video show hosted by Jason called "About Slackers:From Zeroes to Heroes" Today at 6pm. Alex will also make an appearance on it.

    Don't forget Jason's movie "Slackers" comes out this friday, Feb.1st. So go and see it, it looks pretty funny!!

    Jason will appear on David Lettermen on Wed. Jan. 30 and Phantom Planet will be on next night 1/31.

    Jason will also be featured on the MTV show "Cribs" this Wed. Jan. 30th at 10 pm.

  • 8/29/01- Hey guess what?? Phantom Planet's tour dates with American Hi-Fi have been announced!! Also a show Thursday, October 25 The Warfield San Francisco, California Supporting Travis & Remy Zero Ticketmaster onsale 9/9 has been awesome would this show be... anyway, the tourdates with American Hi-Fi are as follows:

    9/18 Washington D.C. 9:30 Club ON SALE NOW

    9/19 Knoxville, TN Blue Cat's

    9/25 Chapel Hill, NC Cat's Cradle

    9/26 Norfolk, VA The Norva ON SALE NOW

    9/28 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero ON SALE 8/31

    9/29 Pittsburgh, PA Metropol

    10/2 Albany, NY Northern Lights

    10/4 New York, NY Irving Plaza

    10/5 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel ON SALE NOW

    10/6 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club

    10/10 Cleveland, OH Peabody's Down Under

    10/11 Chicago, IL Metro

    10/12 Minneapolis, MN The Quest ON SALE NOW

    10/13 Fargo, ND Playmakers ON SALE NOW

    10/15 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre

    10/18 Scottsdale, AZ Cajun House

    10/19 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre ON SALE NOW

    10/20 West Hollywood, CA Troubadour

    10/21 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall

    10/23 Portland, OR B Complex

    10/24 Seattle, WA Graceland ON SALE NOW

    *All dates subject to change without notice. Check with venues for ticket prices and to confirm all appearances. More dates will be posted as they are confirmed.

  • 8/24/01- Happy Birthday to Darren who turns 23 today. Sorry for the lack of updates... its been hectic here with work,a funeral, my 21st birthday, a Vegas trip, a concert, and beach trip. But no more excuses, I will not neglect this site for another month. Thanks to all who have visited and kept this site alive for a year and a half now...we appreciate it greatly. Now onto some Phantom Planet news:

    Phantom Planet will be heading off on a national tour this fall with American Hi-Fi, which interferes with the Remy Zero show at the Key no Phantom Planet will not be playing with Remy Zero in September...=(

  • August 26th marks the first annual Fanfare which will include a car wash, bbq and much,much more...for more info visit the Fanclub site

  • A free show!! Thursday, August 30 Universal Citywalk Universal City, California

  • A show for those East Coasters... Thursday, September 13 Irving Plaza New York City With Ben Folds CMJ Music marathon

  • 7/24/01- Hello all!! Thanks to Joe from Missouri for signing the often neglected guestbook. I'm working on a new pictures section, until then I just thought I'd finally post the upcoming shows that Phantom Planet has lined up:

  • Thursday, July 26* The Troubadour West Hollywood, California *Recording Live EP for Epic Records $8 Ticketmaster onsale 7/19 Doors at 8pm, Phantom Planet at 10pm

    Thursday, August 9 Slim's San Francisco, California With Matthew Sweet

    Friday, August 10 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, California With Matthew Sweet

    Saturday, August 11 House of B lues Anaheim, California With Matthew Sweet

    Monday, August 13 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, California With Matthew Sweet

    Thursday, September 20 The Key Club West Hollywood, California With Remy Zero

  • 7/13/01- Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! Exactly 1 month from my 21st birthday!! YAY!! Anyway, I finally got my butt in gear and posted the pics from the June 15 Roxy show see 'em here Kind of disappointed in the way the pics looked after I uploaded them...not the best batch of pics we've had on here. Anyway, take care, Karen
  • 6/30/01- I apologize for the lack of updates on this site. Happy Belated Birthdays to Jason and Sam. Thanks to Mellie, Jordin, and Tisha for signing the guestbook, you guys are cool. The pics from the last Roxy show will be posted eventually...hopefully soon. I should do it right now, but I'm beat...its 115 degrees here and I had such a busy day at work, and I need to get ready to go out still...thank god for caffeine!! The pics should be posted within the next week, its been so busy lately, and I'm trying to adjust back to life here in San Jacinto...Phantom Planet have shows scheduled in Tempe and Mesa Arizona which is cool for all you Arizona Phans!! They also have a show scheduled for August 18th in crazy is that...Temecula is right by us, but we will be in Vegas during that time so we don't get to see them here =(. In other news, anyone seen "The Fast and the Furious"?? I just ask because some of it was filmed out here in SJ...the Race wars, haha that were "in the desert" and the part with the guy hanging on the diesal truck being rescued by icky Paul Walker. Sorry, its just not everyday we see our town in a movie...well way too much info on non-important stuff...take care, and try to stay cool during this hot summer!! Karen
  • 6/12/01- Thanks so much to Heather from Canada for signing the guestbook!! Jason is up against Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock for best dressed male at the Mtv movie awards... Vote here he was also interviewed on the red carpet by Melissa from the real world, it's hard to hear, but you can check it out here and you can check out a still pic of the interview here thats it for now!! take care, Karen
  • 6/11/01- In an act of desperation, I have revamped the guestbook to try and encourage people to sign it...please do, it's been 3 months since someone has. take care, Karen
  • 6/9/01- Ah yes, I just received the terrible news...Phantom Planet's album will not even be released this year. This proves my whole idea of why bother to get your hope's up. Talk about disappointing. Well, thats it for now. Maybe a moment of silence to grasp this disheartening, tragic news... *Karen*

  • 6/6/01- There is a show scheduled for June 26 at the Viper Room for Jason's 21st birthday!! Of course you need to be 21+ to get in, which leaves a lot of us out =(...a few more months for me to *finally* be able to go to the Viper Room! Woo-hoo!! take care, Karen

  • 6/4/01- I made a new section last night, Trivia It's nothing that exciting, I was REALLY bored. Anyway, I made new buttons also. Please sign the guestbook, I'm begging and pleading...

  • 6/2/01- I added a new story in The Instance of Regret . Nothing too exciting, just a little something that I was dared to do at a Phantom Planet show. I'm in the process of making a couple new sections...but that might be awhile, for I have run into many obstacles. What else is new right?? The June 15 show at the Roxy is with Rilo Kiley, so far no word on who else. Anyway, is it rare for a person to get a fortune from a fortune cookie, that isn't really a fortune...but a threat?? Yes, that happened to me today. Darn the luck I have. Well enough rambling, please, please, please sign the guestbook...I will be your best friend if you do!! Take Care, Karen

  • 5/21/01- Some changes in the show schedule:

    Wednesday, May 23 Cal State Bakersfield 9001 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, California With Save Ferris and Royal Rukus Free Outdoor Show beginning at 3:30pm Phantom Planet at 4:30pm

    Saturday, May 26 House of Blues 1530 South Disneyland Drive Anaheim, California With Save Ferris and The Nuckel Brothers Doors 6:30pm Phantom Planet at 8:15pm $17.50 thru Ticketmaster

    Saturday, June 9 KOSO B-93.1 fm Summerfest 4 Cal State University Stanislaus 801 Monte Vista Turlock, California With over 14 other bands $13.50 thru check out for artist lineup

    I added a poll to the front the very bottom...I don't like it there, so I'll probably move it soon. I don't have enough time right now. It took me long enough to think of a question to ask...I didn't want to ask, "Who is your favorite band member?" Because that's kind of lame. Oh for which song should've made the album, and I'll move the poll when I get the chance!! Do you like the stars??*Karen*

  • 5/20/01- I hope you all caught the KUCI radio show this morning. It was quite entertaining, what a bunch of smart asses they are!! Here's a brief account of the events that occurred:

    The show started by playing "Dying of Silence" off of "Is Missing". A quick interview commenced, but was quickly interrupted by a ringing cell phone. Alex answered, "Hello? Hi Mom. I can't talk right now...I'm on the radio."

    The band was asked who writes the lyrics, to which Alex replied, "God." Someone in the background (perhaps Darren...I"m not sure...) "Barry Mannilow."

    When asked what colleges they attend, Jacques explained he was the only one going to school right now. He is going to USC, and studying music.

    When asked about the new album, Alex said, "It's a good record."

    When asked where they will be in 5 years, they said, "Texas." Alex said, "I'll probably be dead by then!" After realizing he'd be 26 or 27 years old by then.

    Then they were asked about their side projects, to which Jason questioned, "What, like our obliques??"

    The host told Alex about New Market being bombarded by people asking to distribute his film "Donnie Darko". Alex replied with, "I was in a movie??"

    Jacques talked about their official site, and saying that hope to have an awesome site thats kind of intertwined with the Family site. *keep your fingers crossed*

    The host then asked Alex and Jason if they wanted to talk about "Donnie Darko" or "Slackers", to which they both replied, "Buy our album!" *Rock on guys!!*

    Their set included: "Hey Now Girl", "One Ray of Sunlight", "Anthem", then onto some Radiohead covers..."Fitter Happier" (included the line 'Phantom Planet Rocks!'), Airbag, a great version of "Paranoid Android", and then ended with "California."

    Didn't hear much from Darren or Sam...but it was still worth listening to!! It made me laugh...there were many other funny things they said, but I can't remember what they were. Anyway, this is the 4th time I've typed this computer kept kicking me I am feeling a little annoyed!! It better work this time!! Gotta go!! *Karen*

  • 5/17/01- Thanks to Anne from Cleveland for signing the slambook...rock on!! Just a reminder: Weezer will be performing on SNL this Saturday and Christopher Walken is hosting!! That's all!! I'm outtie 5000, Karen
  • 5/16/01- The pics from CSUSB are also up now see 'em here I'll try not to slack so much next time!! Enjoy...feel free to drop us a line, or sign the guestbook or slambook...peace out, Karen
  • 5/15/01- Well the pics from the Glasshouse show are FINALLY posted..., see 'em here Tell us what you think in the guestbook if you want to. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the pics from CSUSB up since there aren't as many as the glasshouse ones!! Anyway, enjoy the pics, but again, don't post them unless you ask or credit us. Take care, Karen
  • 5/13/01- Thanks to Matt for signing the slambook, this is the most action its gotten ever since we've had it!! Anyway, Matt is in a cool band called , The Late Walter Phobicman be sure to check them out, it'll be well worth it!! In other news... Some new shows have been scheduled:

    Sunday, May 20 UC Irvine/KUCI 88.9fm Irvine, California 9:00 am PST

    Wednesday, May 23 Cal State Bakersfield With SAVE FERRIS

    Friday, May 25 House of Blues Anaheim, California With SAVE FERRIS

    Saturday, June 9 KOSO B-93.1 fm Modesto, California

    Friday, June15 The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, California

    **Please note that the 5/20 date is a radio appearance only. You can listen to KUCI live online at

    Take Care, Karen

  • 5/8/01- Wow, ever since I started thanking people for signing the slambook, people keep signing...I will keep this up then!! So, without further incoherent psychobabble, Thanks to David for signing the slambook, you are too cool. Now if we could only do something about that guestbook...haha...laters, Karen
  • 5/7/01- I swear the pics from the Glasshouse will be up soon... thanks to supercool Kelly for signing the slambook. I've been thinking about changing the questions in the slambook...I'm not sure...ok thats all for now!! Karen
  • 5/4/01- The new album has been named!! I don't know what it is called, but it has been named. The tentative release date is August 14th...1 day after my birthday...coincidence...yes, actually. A BIG thank you goes out to Laura from North Carolina for signing the slambook...You rock!! take care, *Karen*

  • 4/23/01 The Glasshouse show was awesome, hopefully the pics will be up soon, it might be awhile though. In other news, Jason is set to star in the drug-comedy "Spun" where he plays a speed freak. The movie also stars Patrick Fugit(from Almost Famous), John Leigazmo, Mena Suvari, Mickey Rourke, and Britney Murphy. Filming is supposed to start in May. PLEASE sign the guestbook and/or slambook, they don't bite...hard!!
  • 4/17/01 Gosh, this page has really been neglected...I sincerely apologize. Phantom Planet will be playing at Cal State Fullerton (lucky bastards...we never have good bands play at Cal State SB...hehe I wonder why)Wednesday April 25 at noon, more details later. And the Push Kings have been added to the Glasshouse show THIS SATURDAY...YAY!! Oh yeah, not to sound greedy, but PLEASE give us credit for pictures you take and post...we are having some problems with theft!! People don't realize how much money we spend on film, then how much we spend to get the film developed, and they don't realize how much time we have spent uploading all these bad PLEASE don't be a jerk off and take credit for crap that isn't yours...if this continues we will have to regulate!! We have always prided ourselves because our site WAS unique because of all our someone posted over 40 of our pictures and didn't credit us...I feel bitter...its not much to ask for, really. Ok enough ranting and raving from me just really frustrates me...sorry. take care, Karen

  • 3/28/01 Sorry for being lazy on the updates...The show on the 21st at the Glasshouse now includes Rooney and Rilo Kiley. Phantom Planet has finished their album, so we will be waiting for that to come out hopefully soon!! Take it easy, *Karen*
  • 3/20/01

  • 3/8/01 *NEW SHOW* Phantom Planet will be playing at the Glasshouse on April 21st. Tickets are $9.99 through Ticketmaster...don't forget about the evil service charge. The opening bands have not yet been confirmed, so we'll let you know later!! *Karen*
  • 3/4/01 Nothing that exciting, but I added some more links to the links section. Just a couple other PP ones, I need to add a lot more of them...I also started some links for other bands that we like as well....that is all...*Karen*
  • 3/3/01 Phantom Planet are ahead of their recording schedule and are still working on "All Over Again"...I love that song!! Nothing that important to report...trying to think of a major change to the site, but still working on it. I don't think anything with participation is a good idea *since no one has EVER contributed to "The Instance of Regret"* and its been up on the site for over a sad is that...I guess I can add some more of my own embarrassing PP encounters...since there are many...but it's all good. haha sorry little flasback there...well I've rambled enough now.. peace out, *Karen*
  • 3/1/01 Woo-Hoo!! We are operational again...we were starting to get worried and thought we might have to start all over again on the site. As for Phantom Planet, they have completed more songs in the studio and are planning some upcoming shows..YAY!! ugh...midterms suck!! I hate geology *Karen*
  • 2/20/01 Well not much to report as far as Phantom Planet news, they are still in the studio. According to Suzanne and her diary things are sounding great! Also Matt who visited them in the studio last week had only good things to say. So for that I am gonna promote his band yet again! They have a show at The Belly Up in Solana Beach on March 1st. It is 21+, so if you are old enough..or have a fairly good fake id, you should go. Check out their Web Site , The Late Walter Phobicman . I am outta here ~jodi~

  • 2/13/01 The El Rey Pics are posted , check them out! Let us know what ya think, by signing the guestbook.

  • 2/9/01- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!! Love ya sis!!

  • Karen

  • 2/8/01- Check out a short interview with Alex at , Chick Click Interview its short but sweet!!
  • 2/3/01 The El Rey show rocked!! And it sold out as well!! All the bands were really good. It seemed as though the sets were shorter than normal though...we will try to get the pics up ASAP, but it will be a week or be patient.
  • 1/31/01 A big thank you goes out to Diane ,at Fine On My Own . She gave Phantom Planet Strikes Back site of the month, how cool is that! So props to Diane and her wonderful site!

  • 1/29/01 Well good news, Phantom Planet started recording TODAY! So good luck to the band, we all know the new stuff will be great! And as a side note, I chatted with a guy on IM who is in a band, and Sam layed down a few tracks with them. So I am gonna promote the bands webpage, just because Matt is super cool..and the few songs I have heard are great! check 'em out, The Late Walter Phobicman ..that is all for now..later, Jodi

  • 1/24/01..again..notice anything different on the front page?!?!

  • 1/24/01 Wow, we've been updating a lot lately...I guess that is good though. We have *FINALLY* gotten an interview back from Mr. Greenwald, so check that out in the Interviews section We had to give him a little guilt trip...but worked... You should go out and rent "The Virgin Suicides" that movie was really good...and look for Robert Schwartzman, he didn't have a very big role. but he was pretty darn funny!!
  • 1/23/01 In case you haven't heard (or if you are not in the Phantom Planet Family), Suzanne got an insulting e-mail from a fan wanting a song. Instead of playing nice-he resorted to name calling. Her response, told him off pretty darn good..but she gave his name and email address to PPF members to help in her defense. I can't speak for the whole fan club, but I think Suzanne is great and does a lot for the band and the fans. The messege here is: don't getting pissy when you don't get what you want. You just end up in the crapper!

  • 1/22/01- New link added in the links section. Ok we know you come to this site (we have a counter, ya know)..we have that Instance of Regret section you might have seen. Well nobody ever sends us anything to add to it. So we are gonna try and promote it a bit. Please email Karen!! with your emabarrassing moments that have something to do with Phantom Planet. Such as stuttering when trying to speak to Jacques, tripping in front of Sam, or IM'ing Darren and only being able to tell him "your cool, and stuff"..Come on we have all done something a little nutty when it comes PP. So get those puppies in! And just a reminder..sign the guestbook, it doesn't bite..really!?!?!
  • 1/20/01- *Happy 21st Birthday Kristin!!* Be sure to check out the cool new message board on the fanclub site be sure to sign up and leave messages for everyone to read!!
  • 1/17/01 Well after some procrastinating we finally got our butts in gear and finished the fan club show page. Hope you like it!

  • 1/07/01 Well the fan club show was awesome. If you didn't go, you not only missed out on the acoustic show, but pretty random, yet comical interview session as well (not to worry it was being filmed- you might see it yet). The plugged in part of the show..well it just rocked!..We will do a little something special on the site as a tribute to it all, with some pics of course and maybe a story to go along with it all..but not tonight..We have driven all over Southern CA in one day;from LA to San Bernadino to San Jacinto (Hemet area) to Corona then back to San Bernadino..and yes I, Jodi then drove back to San Jacinto to sleep in my own bed. (Good thing the rental car I got had unlimited miles! yippee) Well we hope those who went all got or get home safely..and that Suzanne and her crew are all relaxing..and the band is happy with how everything went so that the new album sounds extra wonderful..Ok time for me to go to bed..I am talking jibberish..Take Care All..Jodi =)

  • 1/02/01 Fan Clubers..if you haven't been to the fan club site go there and find out where the show is.
  • The best news of all!! Those crazy Phantom Planet guys now have the go ahead to start recording!! So a new album is on its way!!

  • 1/01/01 Wow, another year has passed...I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate, and a Happy New Year as well. The members-only show is just a couple days away....I can feel the excitment brewing as I type this. Hope to see some of you there!!
  • 12/29/00 Alex and Jason have a tiny spot in the new Seventeen Magazine (the one with Carson Daily on the cover ugh..) any how, there is a brief mention of Phantom Planet for those of you who want to check it out.

  • 12/26/00 Good news in the new year..a new show! February 2, 2001 the guys in Phantom Planet take the stage at the El Rey in LA. Get your tickets thru ticketmaster, they are $9.99 (and don't forget the evil service charge.) I hear that the always fabulous Kara's Flowers is playing!! As well as Fairview, and Rooney (who we keep missing!) Well take care everybody!

  • 12/22/00 Hey there unless you have been locked in a closet for the past month or so, today was THE last day to get your Members Only Show tickets in West Hollywood. Of course this show is for members of the Phantom Planet Family only. From the list of names it looks like quite a few people are going..which is great..Hope to see ya there!!Also Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Holidays! Tis the Season! Have a nice day! just thought we'd cover every thing we could think of..=)

  • 12/7/00 THE DEMONS INSIDE OF MY COMPUTER HAVE BEEN EXORCISED!!So as you regulars can see I changed the front page again..Other than that, not a lot of news..Phantom Planet was on the rerun of Sabrina the Teenage witch...I missed it, but Karen recorded it. Hope you caught it! I will fix the picture links that aren't working soon..I have no excuse except laziness now! I'm outta here for now..*Jodi*

  • 11/29/00- Well the Glasshouse show was awesome...I had so much fun...we all did. I didn't let a mere case of food poisoning stop me! The pics are kinda up, Jodi has redone all the pics as thumbnails, so it looks much better, as well as more organized. However, a lot of the pics aren't working, and, well, Jodi is once again having technical difficulties with her evil computer. Well, that's it for now! peace out, Karen
  • 11/15/00- Well Jodi has gotten her computer back (YEA!!) However, I forgot to give her the pics from Canter's...(...Duh!!?!!) But I will be seeing her on friday for the Glasshouse show....where I will take even more pictures. I don't know what it is...I become camera happy when I see PP...I can't control myself!! Check out the pics, poll, and new contest on the family site, if you haven't already!! Take Care!!

  • 11/6/00- Boy oh boy...the Glasshouse Show on the 17th just keeps getting better and better....first I found out that Pete Yorn was going to perform ...(FYI he was quite impressive at the last Roxy show, and I managed to get a *free* EP of his, and it is amazing) then I find out that Kara's Flowers are performing as well....don't forget Rooney is playing too....This is, and mark my words, going to be a fantastic show!! Plus its at the Glasshouse which is like a home away from home!!
  • 11/3/00- Ok I got the pics developed from Canter's today, kinda disappointing since we had a side view of the band. We will put some up soon, I don't really know when because Jodi's comp. crashed, but hopefully it is getting fixed as I write this.

  • 11/1/00 Well did ya have a great Halloween??hope so..but as for news we will have the pics from Canter's Deli up in the near future (Karen needs to get em developed)..and I am in the process on putting everything in thumbnail format..what a job, but it looks a lot keep checking back..okay!?!=)

  • 10/20/00 The pics from the Roxy show on the 16th are now up and running so check em out! see 'em here

  • 10/19/00- Phantom Planet will not be opening for the Romantics tonight at the Viper put those fake i.d's away for awhile longer. But have no fear, besides the shows on the 28th and 29th...there is one planned for Nov. 17th at the Glasshouse in Pomona. And guess what?? They're playing with Rooney!! Be sure to catch this one. It's all-ages and tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

  • 10/18/00- Phantom Planet will be playing at the Viper Room tomorrow night with the Romantics. The show is 21+ so break out those fake id's...just kidding. The Roxy show was great as usual....we'll try to have the pics up ASAP. Be sure to pick up the Teen people with the Charlie's Angels cast on the cover. Their is a pic and short story on the cast of Jason's movie, "The Best and the Brightest" which is set to come out in December!!
  • 10/15/00- The much promised Phantom Planet Family site is now operational!! The site will be open to everyone for a week and then will be password protected for members of the PP Family only. Be sure to check it out at or if that doesn't work, try the ftp at and don't forget tomorrow's show at the Roxy, PP will be playing with Ben Lee and without him...its like 2 in 1!!

  • 10/14/00- Don't forget to watch Radiohead on SNL tonight!!

  • 10/10/00- The official site has *finally* been updated!! Nothing too fancy yet, but hey it is something different to look at...

  • 10/9/00 Happy 21st Birthday to Alex...someone will be having some fun tonight!!

  • 10/8/00- Wow, lot's of shows lined up for October:

    Monday, October 16 Roxy Theatre 9009 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA

    Saturday, October 28 Canter's Kibitz Room 419 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA (FREE show!)

    and Sunday, October 29... Bakersfield, here we come! More information on that one soon...

    All shows are All Ages, so be sure to go out and catch our boys in action!!

  • 10/3/00 Good news for all of us So Cal kids..the October 16 show at the Roxy is on! Doors open at 8:00 you can get your tickets at the door or be on the safe side and get them early thru Ticketmaster. =)

  • 9/27/00 Well not much to report..But I did just get an extra 50 megs of space for the when we get the extra time..we can get a bit more done..and have plenty of room..oh yeah!

  • 9/19/00 Be sure to send in your vote for Phantom Planet to tour with Weezer sometime next year.E-mail in order to vote!!
  • 9/12/00 Sorry folks, it doesn't look like Phantom Planet are playing with Kara's Flowers at the Chain Reaction. But Kara's Flowers have 3 shows coming up..So go see them!

  • 9/7/00 While looking for upcoming shows, I visited the Kara's Flowers Site (who are excellent) and stumbled upon an up coming gig that they, Jay Buchannan and Square are playing at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim..but Phantom Planet "maybe playing"..I repeat "maybe" don't get your hopes up, but keep some spare $$ on hand just in case. *But you should really see Kara's Flowers regardless, because they are just terrific!* Check em out at

  • 9/1/00 YES I changed the page again..I am still needs some work though. And we got Mr. Robinson's interview, it is up already. He rules just because he loves Guns N Roses. Anyway sign the poor guestbook if ya get a chance, I think it is about to start growing cobb webbs. Buh Bye ~Jodi~
  • 8/24/00 Happy Birthday to Darren who turns the big 22 today. There is a show at the Viper Room but it's 21+. Darn the luck, one more year and I can attend the 21+ shows. All the pics from the Roxy show on August 5th are up. Sorry about the quality, but they kept the red lights on almost the whole show...

  • 8/22/00 Sam's interview is up, check it might find out something you never knew before..That's all folks!

  • 8/20/00 There is now an interview section to our site. It was fun thinking up strange questions for the blokes of Phantom Planet. Jacques answered the next day, quite impressive. So far he is all we have. That is about it; we are trying to do a bit here and there to improve what we can. So come back every so often, there are bound to be more pictures and little modifications.

  • 8/15/00 We are still working on editing the picture pages, be patient..For a little personal note, Karen turned 20 on the 13th! Happy Birthday sis! And the next day she got her PP fanzine, and guess what?!?! Give up?!?! Her entry for the "How I Envision Phantom Planet's First Video" was published in the seasonal fanzine. She must have been pretty darn close to getting those Weezer tickets. (I think we are not meant to see Weezer, everytime we try to get tickets-something happens and we don't..) Oh well..If you are in the PP fanclub, give it look, it might bring a smile to your face. *~Cheers~*~Jodi~*
  • 8/11/00 We did a little makeover for the site, hope ya like it. If you missed the show on the 5th, to was pretty fun! And according to Jacques, there is a show August 24th at the Viper Room in Hollywood. Hopefully there will be more details soon.
  • 7/06/00- The pictures page 2 is still needs some work..and I put the upcoming shows in the opening page. I am sure you saw them..There is more to come soon! So stay posted..Peace out..Jodi
  • 6/25/00- The pics from the Roxy are *finally* posted!!

  • 6/11/00- I made a new section titled "The Instance of Regret". Its a funny stories type of thing. I hope people send stuff in for it. I know people visit the site because of the counter....but hardly anyone signs the slam or guest books. So please do, and send in some stories!! thanks, Karen
  • 6/8/00- Phantom Planet will be opening for Weezer at the Glasshouse in Pomona on July 4th. The tickets are all sold out...unfortunately. However, fanclub members are able to enter a contest to try to win an extra set of tickets. Good luck, fellow fan-clubbers!! To those who already got tickets, You rock!! I'm so jealous...Jodi and I were talking about going to see Weezer before we even knew PP were opening. But we weren't fast enough I guess!!

  • 6/7/00- Sorry to say it'll be awhile before the pictures from the Roxy show are up....Jodi is in England (lucky girl!!) and I (Karen) am stuck at school without a scanner....the pics. turned out ok...never buy a weird brand of film from Germany...the action shots turn out blurry =(. ok well, I'm trying to create different stuff on here, but its difficult because my finals are next week. So be patient!! I added this section for updates, news, and what-not. I also added a section About them. It's a little story about how they came to be the official Jedi Knights. Maybe it wasn't the best idea...I don't was really late and I was usual...I should have been studying, but I decided to play around on the site. I'm waiting for Angelfire to give us more space before I can do any big things on here, and considering I don't have a scanner anyway, I can only do a couple things....thus the new sections. If you have any ideas for the site, feedback, complaints, etc. E-mail me at ok...more later!! Karen