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*The Instance of Regret*

By now, many of us devoted phans have had some sort of embarrassing encounter with the Jedi's of Phantom Planet that leave us "gripped in the instance of regret." If you have a funny encounter with them, or a story regarding them, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll be sure to post it up for everyone to see!!

e-mail me!!

"The Bet" by Karen

My roommate and I placed a bet before the April 21st show at the Glasshouse. I had to do something, that I normally would NEVER do, but a bet is a bet. I waited for the right opportunity during Phantom Planet's set, I waited until the annoying guy yelled, "MAX FISCHER!!" like he does at EVERY Glasshouse show, then I took a deep breath and screamed at the top of my lungs, "SHAKE YOUR ASS, YOU FUCKING GOD!!" I don't think Kristin thought I had the balls to do it, actually, she still owes me from the terms of the bet. Not too embarrassing, just kind of funny...

"Is this Really Happening To ME!?!" by Karen

Let's see, where to even start. One night after my dreadful history class, I came back to my room. I was checking my e-mail when I noticed that Darren was on the AIM. I was debating for what seemed like forever..."Should I I.M. him?? I don't want to bother him(or scare him for that matter)" This went on for awhile...then I said, "Screw's not like he knows who I am." So I took the chance and did it. We chatted for a little while about the new album and some other chit-chat. Then he had to go. I was excited that I talked to him. Then I went to check my other mail account and saw that Phantom Planet were going to be doing a live show at the Irvine Spectrum Center that friday. Wow, what luck!! I talked my sister, Jodi, and we decided to go.

So friday comes around, we take our long drive to the Irvine Spectrum Center. We get there early and watch the band during their soundcheck. Then they perform. It was a great show, even with the technical problems, it was a blast. After the show, they were going to the limbo lounge to sign autographs, take pictures, and what-not. But, they were all just kinda standing around behind the stage. Jodi and I were trapped by people and the stage. So we kinda climbed on the stage to make way for them. This is where the embarrassing saga of my life just gets worse. We ran into Darren. "Hi, I'm Darren." He says(like we don't already know that hehe). Then we introduce ourselves. "I'm Karen. I..Im...I...I...I..." I wanted to say I'm the one who I.M.ed you the other night. But I got so tongue tied...I just kept stuttering and mumbling. Then I took a deep breath...and said "I'm the one who I.M.ed you...." Finally. He laughed at me, but didn't make me feel like too big a moron! But later on...Jodi and I could not stop laughing about my little speech problem. I still laugh when I think about it.

As if that isn't bad enough, the same night I said the stupidest thing to Jason. He was walking by, so I asked him if he could sign a paper I had. I handed him the paper and a pen and he said, "I have the same pen!" All I could say is "Yeah, its a pretty cool pen." Duh?!? Why couldn't I say something witty.....not so lame..hehe Oh well!!

"I Regret Nothing!" By Jodi

For starters, this isn't a story that would I would count as an instance of regret, but more so of me making a fool out of myself and loving it. It was May 17th, a fairly nice day in Southern California..I got off from work early, picked Karen and Kristin up, and headed out to Hollywood. We were going to see this little band you may have heard of "Phantom Planet".

We seemed to pretty much beat traffic and make it to the Troubadour an hour we walked around, got something to eat, and I had my first Red Bull. I chugged it down and went back to the venue. Before Nash Kato (who is cool) went on stage, I happened to notice that Jacques and Alex were looking down at the crowd. By this time I was on a caffine high and decided to get their attention. I made a fist and hit my chest then stuck my fist in the air (you know, guys do it all of the time)..Alex returned the gesture..and I stuck my tounge out and gave them the metal sign (everybody does this at rock concerts)..they were laughing, probably making fun of me. But I don't care, they probably won't remember the next time I see them. If they do..then that would make it even funnier.