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~*We only have interviews from Jacques, Sam, and Darren, and now FINALLY Alex!!....but Jason..well you never see him answer any-who. But thanks to the guys who took the time to answer these cheesy questions..*~


1. Random Star Wars question! Who is wiser, Yoda or Obi-Wan? yoda

2. What is your major in school right now? Jazz Studies, soon to be changed

3. Favorite quote from "Better Off Dead"? (ex. 2 dollars! I want my 2 dollars!) There are so many. Hmm... "What, in the name of al thats holy..." --Lane's father says that, or something to that affect after seeing what his wife has made to eat.

4. Do you think Eminem is a waste of Dr. Dre's time or an asset to hip-hop/rap? Somewhere in between. I wouldn't say he was a waste, nor an asset. I am sure the rap community would've survived if eminem wasn't around.

5. Would you rather see Max Headroom or Spuds McKenzie back a come back? Spuds all the way. I always found Max headrum to be very annoying

6. If you could enter anybody's mind ( a la "Being John Malkovich) who would it be and why?

7. What was the best concert you ever attended? 1. Radiohead at the Wiltern 2. U2 Zoo TV tour, Dodger stadium 3. AIR, perfomance of Virgin Suicide soundtrack, American Legion Hall

8. What is your favorite Classical music piece?....(a tough one but try to narrow it down) that sucks. how about i give you my top three at this moment in time: 1. Verdi's Requiem 2. Brahms Liebesleider Waltzes 3. Monteverdi Vesper's of 1610

9. Seen any good movies lately? If yes, please state which one(s)? The X-Men. I thought it was going to be terrible. I was pleasantly surprised..I even saw it twice.

10. What wild and crazy thing have you done recently? Got mono.


1. What would you rather be watching right now, Transformers, He-Man, or Thundercats? transformers was the best show ever. the others were good, but i wanted to be a transformer more than anything. there was an episode when spike (the human ally to the autobots) was given a transforming suit. wished it was real. oh well.

2. If you saw Tom Green roaming the streets for his show, would you talk to him or runaway? neither. i'd just watch.

3. Do you prefer surfing, boogie boarding, or wave-jumping when at the beach? If other then please state. water is usually too cold or dirty. but i guess swimming would be an answer. and the occassional body boarding.

4. If you could choose any song as the theme or anthem (ahem, no pun intended) that corresponds with your life, what would it be and why?? hakuna matata.

5. Which dance would you prefer to do in public: the running man, the roger rabbit, the cabbage patch, the robot, or the worm? Why? none. i don't dance too often.

6. Random Star Wars question!! Where would you rather live Naboo, Endor, or City of the Clouds? Why? naboo. endor seems wonderful yet slightly dangerous. cloud city, i'd be too afraid of falling. not a fear of heights, but a fear of technology. leaving naboo, a simple and nice place to be.

7. Who is the better girl band: The Go-Go's or The Bangles?

bangles, mostly cause i like their cover of 'hazy shade of winter'

8. When you went to the K-ROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas (we were there also, coincidence, we think not) who was your favorite performer of the night? sorry to say, but i can't remember who played what year. which one are you referring to?

9. Which is the better '80's movie, "Valley Girl" or "The Last American Virgin"? (If you haven't heard of these, you should rent them...well "Valley Girl" at least. We aren't biased or anything..hehe) seen a bit of valley girl, but not virgin. i'll rent both at some point and get back to you later.

10. How would you describe your personality? Be specific, inquiring minds want to know. confusing, crowded, obsequious, quiet, optimistic, naive, kind. something like that.



1. Random Star Wars Question: If you were Han Solo, would you kinda be pissed off that your "friend" Lando turned you over to the Empire? Nah. I would just call him "Orlando" for the rest of our lives. I think that would gradually piss him off to the point of insanity.

2. Since you have a tattoo, are you planning on getting any more? I thought about it, but I don't want to be a walking art gallery. I'll just stick with the one I have and concentrate on more important things like music.

3. If you can answer it, what is your favorite Guns "n" Roses song/album? Well, considering Slash is the man who originally made me pick up a guitar, with his soloing in "Paradise City," I would have to say my favorite song is "Paradise City." And of course, my favorite GNR album is "Appetite For Distruction." I still love that album more than most.

4. At the last Roxy show, you had you own microphone. Are you gonna have a mic from now on? I believe I will be singing from this point on, and hopefully I'll get better each time. I felt very confident singing at the Roxy show, which is a good sign. I have plenty to learn though in the world of singing.

5. Which do you prefer: playing live, being in the studio, or just jamming? Playing live and jamming are tied. I actually hate being in the studio. I haven't enjoyed the experiences I've had so far, which is unfortunate. Everyone else in the band seems to love it though.

6. Who is skinnier Sam or Jacques? I couldn't say. Probably Sam. Both guys rock though.

7. If you could be a super-hero, who would you wanna be? I would be Batman. Dark, mysterious, tough, vulpine, and he owns the freakin' Batmobile. (Actually, I am Batman.)

8. What is the most prized item in your Garbage Pail Kids Collection? Eh. I am selling everything except the actual cards soon. I guess my most prized item would be all the cards.

9. Who would you most like to see Phantom Planet go on tour with? All I'd ask is that we played with a band that has cool fans.

10. Who do you believe is the most untalented popular artist(s) in the lime light right now? (sorry, but we like it when you go off on the problems with todays music) I have gone off in the past, but I've actually changed my opinions. I still don't really like the boy-bands out there, to be perfectly honest. But, I can respect them for what they do. I sure as hell can't sing and dance like they can. I can rock any single one of their asses off though, and that sure feels good. ;-)


1. Which of your t-shirts from your extensive heavy metal collection do you consider your favorite? Why? And why don't you wear them anymore??

My favorite shirt from the collection would be my Judas Priest shirt. I don't wear any shirt associated with heavy metal or irony anymore. That age is over... ...and I stopped because they started selling metal shirts at Fred Segal.

2. We heard you like NOFX, what is your favorite NOFX album and song??

Is there an album called "Punk in Drublic"? If so my favorite song from that one goes: "Leave. Leave me alone... " or something like that.

3. Random Star Wars question: If you could be any character in any of the Star Wars movies, who would you be?? Why??

I would be the Teak from that weird spin off Endor movie with the kids and the dead parents. My reason for wanting to be this character out of any other is simple: The Teak is the fastest creature the Star Wars universe has ever seen.

4. We had a great time at the fanclub show, what are your thoughts on the nights events??

I had a great time myself. Rock'n'Roll IS still alive!

5. Why do you think we never actually see the aliens in the film "Liquid Sky"??

I thought we did see them. That movie is just fucked up.

6. What is your favorite all-time Elvis Costello song?? (We are partial to "No Action")

Off of the album Blood And Chocolate: "It's knowing that he knows you now after only guessing/ It's the thought of him undressing you or you undressing... ...I want you."

7. What is your favorite child-hood cartoon??


8. What was the most trouble you got into in school?? For what?? (e.g. detention, suspension...etc, or were you a good little schoolboy...)

In elementary school I would get suspended at least once every month. I used to get in a lot of fights, and once I brought a grenade to school.

9. Given we never actually got an answer at the fanclub show, what is your favorite venue to play??

My living room.

10. If you could build the ultimate robot, what would its functions be?? Why??

My robot would look just like me, and act just like me. In fact, we would be so similar that no one could tell which one of us was the real thing. That way I could send him to school, and sleep all day.

Take care. -Alex