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"I fucking love all of you, mother fuckers!!!"~Alex Greenwald~

The night of January 6, 2001 was no ordinary night, it was the night of the Second Annual Phantom Planet Fan Club Members only show..It was a night for the fans- from Phantom Planet and the always loyal Suzanne. It was a night of socailizing with other fans as well as the guys in the band itself.

For us the day was hectic: 4 females in their 20's trying to get ready and out to Los Angeles in time for the bonus accoustic set as well as the big amplified performance. We rented a shiny new red car to go in style, a room in Beverly Hills for proximity, and most importantly-we had to have the camera ready with lots of film! We got some food in San Berdo and we were off to the city of angels. We were making pretty good time until we went against a gut instinct and continued to follow the directions that our internet map had wrongly provided us. To make a long story short, it directed us to take the wrong freeway, going the wrong direction (go figure). We were slowed down a bit, but if we hurried we could still make it. We got to our hotel and after the guy out front had us totally confused about parking, and realizing we got the rejected ghetto room (it had a broken faucet and the bathroom floor was all wet), we got ready in about 15 mins.

We were off to line up for the accoustic set. The first 100 people could get in, so we wanted to be 4 of those 100 people. Which we were! But we waited in line at the Fais Do-Do for what seemed like forever, being that is was a fairly cold night and all. But finally they started letting us in. After getting some refreshments (beer & soda) and using the facilites the band took the stage. This was quite a change from all of the other shows we have seen. The guys all took seats, except for Sam who graciously sat upon Jason's lap. Sam also proved that he not only not only plays bass, but "he is the bass"..as Jason pretended to play him. They introduced themselves and answered a few questions, then on to some music. It was kinda like VH1's Storytellers. They would say a little something about the songs, answer some random questions, then play.

The acoustic set was rapidly amplified into the plugged in set. This was what everyone had been waiting for. They broke into the usual set, all standing with the exception of, Jacques, who had sustained a hairline fracture of the leg. There we were; listening to the good tunes, dancing, laughing, and of course, taking pictures. Darren even did his own tribute to Busta Rhymes..he was actually a pretty good! When suddenly Karen's camera decided to stop working. Thankfully, by some act of God, Jodi actually had her camera in her purse, so we could continue with our photography. The band possessed a lot of energy and gave us all a great show. And, as usual, the set went by really fast, too fast, and was over before we knew it.

Next, we got to hang around the club and eat, drink, and be merry for awhile. We waited around and eventually ran into Alex who was talking to Mickey from Kara's Flowers. Not wanting to be rude, Karen waited for a break in their conversation so we could get a picture. Well, Karen got in the picture anyway. Yvette was supposed to take the picture, but cut Jodi out somehow...we think her new contacts might be defective. Then we were all sitting around and saw Sam, Jodi asked him to take a picture with her....he desperately searched for a place to hide his Budwieser. Then sat in the middle of three girls. After some chit-chat and his inquiry about the where-abouts of his beloved beanie...he departed to continue his search. Then we saw Jacques, Karen felt kinda bad for asking him to take a picture, since he was hobbling around with his cane, but he was gracious and posed for a picture with us, and asked if we were having a good time. We went upstairs to try and talk to Darren, but he was being interviewed...and after about 10 minutes of just standing there, we decided we would just have to deal with not being able to talk to Darren...=( We were right around Jason most of the night and made a few casual remarks back and forth, but for some dumb reason we didn't get a picture with him. His lady Selma was there by his side most of the night too.

We also never got a chance to thank Suzanne, the person who put so much time into planning this event. Jodi talked with her on AIM a few days after to thank her. But you can never say thank you enough! So thank you Suzanne and Phantom Planet for a great night!! Hope to do it again next year. =)

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