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While the Blue Meanies are now reformed and good citizens of Pepperland, they weren't always so. Some speculate that they were the original population of what is now Pepperland and were invaded by the conquering Pepperlanders. Others conjecture the Meanies are an extraterrestrial group that crashed into the ocean in eons past. Whatever race they may be, here's a look at them. CHIEF BLUE MEANIE...also known as His Blueness and Head Blue Meanie. He is given to outlandish tantrums and violent mood swings. Despot supreme! MAX...Nearly identical to His Blueness, Max is somewhat smaller. He is the main assistant to His Blueness. THE FLYING GLOVE...A giant, jet-propelled, rocket-powered, radar-equipped supersonic nasty thing! Can carry up to three Meanies (or Pepperlanders) at a time and shoot flames from his index finger. The Glove has the amazing ability to morph from left handed to right handed causing many to wonder if the glove form is not but an illusionary aspect of something much greater. Glove only does the bidding of His Blueness... THE STORM BLOOPERS...These mini versions of His Blueness and Max act as the advance guard and general workers. They also operate the anti-music missle cannons. Most numerous of the Meanies, the Bloopers confirm that whatever race the Meanies represent, they have advanced knowledge of cloning. THE APPLE BONKERS...15 foot tall Meanies with the singular job of showering innocent victims with murderous McIntoshes. One can only become un-bonked by hearing loud music. COUNTDOWN CLOWNS...The clowns are activated by pushing their rubber squeaker noses. Once activated, anything they come into contact with explodes. This could explain why they have no arms. It simply wouldn't do to let them have the ability to activate themselves! They also serve as warning sirens and can emit an ear shattering, obnoxious wail. HIDDEN PERSUADER MEN...A cadre of infiltrators, these ever so deceptive Meanies , like many of Earth's surface dwellers, present a friendly face and congenial attitude, but under the surface, there is the hidden poison nature. Clean and deadly in their tactics. THE BUTTERFLY STOMPERS...They stomp butterflies. Single minded creatures capable of traveling endless miles in persuit of their innocent prey. SNAPPING TURTLE TURKS...These nasty looking fellows specialized in snapping off the blooms of colorful flowers and pinwheels. THE GATOR HANDED MEN...Never properly observed, we can't be sure what it was they did in the assault on Pepperland. Enough to imagine, it wasn't pretty! BULLDOG(S)...Meanie watch and persuit dogs, these four headed, eight legged dogs were not very bright and never fully trustworthy. Easily confused and noisy, they seem to have been most useful in merely adding to chaos!