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News of 2000

I have been selfish! I took a break from netland to venture off to Brisbane for a Holiday but now I am back so expect frequent updates! Ok as you all already know Powderfinger's New album 'Odyssey Number Five' has hit the stores and no later hit australia's cd players as this week it approaches Triple Platinum. It has only just been 12 weeks since it was hot in the shops. The guys are in the UK right now strutting there stuff for 4 quick shows and then they return to us and prepare for the next single - Like a Dog - to be released in December.
Powderfinger have been announced in the Big Day Out festival and will be returning to do an extensive national tour mid 2001. There are plenty of competitions running at the moment and to celebrate (hehe) my return to this forlorn site look out for a competition on this site with spanking prizes! If you have any pics from the 'Odyssey' tour I'd love to throw them up on the gig pics section - I didn't take any this tour! Have a goodun!

A few sightings of Powderfinger have occurred. On the cover of this months Juice Magazine Powderfinger appear. Powderfinger have been popping up in interviews everywhere around the place and this Saturday they will appear on Rage as Guest VJ's (all of them.....this was recorded right after the jjj brekkie show in Sydney). They did hold another album launch at a place in New Farm, Brisbane last night so are no doubt sporting quite heady hangovers!!
To spot a single finger on the road next week check out Darren's band 'Drag' on the 6th of September at Ric's in Brisbane. Powderfinger have also been named as one of the artists performing in this years Pacific Music Circle along with Spiderbait, Resin Dogs, Tex Perkins and other great Australian bands. The PCMC starts in October. If this doesn't please you for the time being.......well you are extremely hard to please!!!!

Oh my god!! What a week! Ok Tickets for Powderfinger's Odyssey tour went onsale Monday the 21st. By Friday the 25th tickets were sold out in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide. New shows were added in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and both Sydney and Melbourne's shows took less than a day to sell (Sydney actually sold out in under 50 minutes!). So as we all take time to relax after a stressful week of scrambling around scoring tickets, I thought I'd mention a few little points. 'My Happiness' the new video clip was aired on rage last night. Very interesting indeed. Powderfinger's album launch for 'Odyssey Number 5' was held at the Home nightclub in Sydney on Tuesday the 21st of August. Only a week to go until the release of the much-anticipated 'Odyssey Number 5'.......

Well tourdates are up and it has been confirmed that there will only be 2 All Age shows this tour. Sydney and Adelaide will be the all age shows. Powderfinger have also confirmed that they will be heading straight Overseas in November for the month. England and Canada are definite stops but the rest are to be confirmed. They will then return for some festivals in the Summer and will be doing some All Agers after this. A proposed longer Overseas tour may happen early 2001. Remember 'My Happiness' is released on August 14th and the album 'Odyssey Number 5' is due to hit the stores in the first week of September..........

Just a quickie to let you all know that new pics are up from the triple j brekkie show........more coming soon....

Well what a week for Powderfinger!! Firstly the begin of airplay for their first single 'My Happiness' on jjj. Next us lucky Sydney-siders got to preview 'My Happiness' and 'My kind of scene' Live by the boys at Circular Quay last Wednesday for their performance on jjj's Breakie show! From the looks of what I saw this is gonna be a cracker of a tour!! On the same day Powderfinger trecked the city of Sydney to wrap up their media talks (listen out to MMM, JJJ & Channel V amongst others).
Tour dates for the national tour in October will be up VERY soon! Next week in fact. And an overseas quick trip could also be on the cards early next year or possibly as soon as this November. Keep your ears tuned!!

Wow so much to say so little space! Ok for those of you who don't know, Powderfinger are releasing their next album in September. The name of this album has been released as 'Odyssey Number 5'. The first single from this album will be released on August 14th and is called 'My Happiness'. This single will possibly include 'My kinda scene' as a b-side.
The guys will be playing at the 'Great Northern' in Byron Bay on July 29th with all proceeds going to The Smith Family. Other than that though, the band will stay quiet until October when they will be touring nationally as well as a quick trip overseas. On the festival front Livid is out of the picture and no other festival line-ups have been announced. In addition to this months Juice mag there is also a nice little article interviewing Darren in Rolling Stone. Check it out!

The Oz Files show is coming up thanx to Vic and Liz and is really easy to download through realplayer so make sure you tune in.....
News comes this week that Powderfinger will not be playing Livid this year (listen in to the oz files for more on that!)......
Also News has been updated on the Powderfinger official site revealing that Powderfinger will be announcing tour dates exclusively on the site at the end of July, and previewing what will be their first single off the new album. That's at so don't miss out!!!!.......
If you haven't been to vote in jjj's net50 then do it this week. Powderfingers' My Kinda Scene is currently sitting at Number 2!!........
Also check out Juice mag this month for an article on the boys and some words of wisdom from John Collins!!

The My Kinda Scene filmclip has now officially been released with an extremely living type-esque about it....... For the very few of you that have not yet seen it (watch rage this Friday night....bound to be showing again) Bernie is yet again 'killed off' as the band looks on. The clip has also been thrashed mercilessly on Channel V.
A Powderfinger 2 hour show will be airing on the Oz Files (Vic & Liz's Adelaide radio show) on June 30th at 10pm. I will post the link on the links page for those of you in other states to listen to it via realplayer.....There are apparantly prizes to be won and a few guest appearances by a few celebs so make sure you catch it!!!

With the new 'Official' Powderfinger page back up and running and the 2 versions of My Kinda Scene floating around I decided to do a little updating! News is that the new filmclip for My Kinda Scene will be released after June 8th. It won't be released as a single but will be on the album. The next release for a single will be end of June/early July so keep your eyes and ears open for that. A performance by Powderfinger will be made at a festival in Townsville on June 10th. Lyrics for My Kinda Scene (Radio version) are now up on the Lyrics page.......

The New official powderfinger page opens on May 29th and it's f*%king fantastic so don't miss the opening!! The guys are currently filming for the film clip of 'Not my kinda scene' which is available NOW on The MI-2 soundtrack. The guys have now finished recording so we can rest assures that all is well and anticipate the new album (still nameless).........

Powderfinger will appear on the Mission Impossible Soundtrack due out later this year. The song of theirs is titled 'My Kinda Scene' and they appear on the cd along with artists such as The Butthole Surfers, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Josh Abrahams & 28 Days. Should be a ripper of an album!!

Powderfinger are about to head down to Melbourne to record their album at Sing Sing with Nick Di Dia. They are expected to spend the next month (plus a few weeks) down there to produce an album which is said to be very cruisy and a clear progression from Internationalist. September looks to be the more realistic date for the release of the album. I have also added a few links on the Links page just of some awesome other bands but also to Paul Stipack's Oz Music Central Guitar tab for Powderfinger Page.

Ok contrary to what all the magazines, local muso papers (and I...sorry!!) have been saying, Powderfinger won't be appearing on the Midnight Oil tribute album due to Recording their own new one. Something For Kate, Jebediah and a mass of great aussie artists are on there just not Powderfinger. So ignore any reports in the drum or whatever article you happen to see it in because Powderfinger aint on it!! Ta!!

Powderfinger are going to feature on the Midnight Oil tribute album coming out soon along with artists such as Jebediah and Something for Kate. We may be lucky enough to hear Hercules again??? No release date just yet but I'll keep you posted!

Another postponment.....well not really seeing as this date is closer than the last one (??) But Volume2000 is once again changed now to May 27/28th. Hopefully this is the real date now!!!!
In other news Powderfinger's new single is set for release around June/July and the wonderful new album will be out sometime around August. They will be recording in Melbourne (Most likely at Sing Sing once again) but I'm not quite sure which producer they will be using. Exciting huh?? New Powderfinger on the way!!!! Watch out Australia.......

On this lovely last day of summer I thought it only right to announce the postponment of Volume2000 to July 7th-9th. This is for a good cause!!! It is so that the gig can be all ages as well as coinciding with another festival running in Brisvegas at the time. It also means the availability of more bands such as powderfinger (still only a possibility!). As far as I know, Drag are still on the line up.............

With Powderfinger still under wraps with this new album of theirs I figured I'd get my arse into gear and do some updating.........thanx a great deal to Cath Richardson there will be quite a few new live pics from the P2K tour that I took from a few shows as well as some more from shows in '98 so keep checking the gigs space for new additions. Wollongong ones were added today........

A few more pics have been added under misc. pics in the pics section. Drag will be playing the Volume2000 gig in March and I'll bring more details about bands playing as soon as I get them. Powderfinger though are a definite no for this event. Also watch this space for the official launch of Powderfinger's brand spanking new site coming soon.......

A few additions to the site y'all might wanna know about.... In the gig pics section I have gotten some juicy (pardon the pun) old pics from Juice of the boys in early fame...... just follow the links to the gig pics. Also I have added a Volume 2000 section and I urge you to get to know what it is all about as it will pretty much affect our entire music scene I would say!!


A big Congratulations to Powderfinger on their JJJ Hottest 100 victory!! Passenger no. 100, Good day Ray no. 68, Already Gone no. 25 & best of all These Days at No. 1!! A very well deserved win and a great way to cap off a brilliant and succesful year for the guys!
Also a chance to see one of the fingers is there for all you brisbane-goers. Drag is supporting Gomez in Brisbane on the 10th of February and they will be onstage at 9pm. The gig is at the Zoo in Fortitude Valley so don't miss out!!

Just added the Econodog pic from Homebake 99. Unfortunately the entire group of us weren't there at the 5pm meet but there is a good majority there!! To help us out in letting everyone know who is who if you are in this pic please email me and I can get names under the photo.........don't be shy now!! To get to the link just go down to Sydney Econodogs on the main page.....ta!!

I've also just added a very detailed review of the Sydney Homebake to the festival news page........

Powderfinger also appear in this month's Massive mag apparantly with a poster of bernie so all squintsy fans go out and throw your money.........also seeing as this bit of news seems to be BF related I have a new pic taken by the man himself of himself (?) and a few dogs courtesy of Cath. I have just added it below the other bake 99 shots given to me by the lovely Cath so feel free to have a geezer!!

Powderfinger will be appearing on jjj's Live at the Wireless classics on the 14th of January at 2pm with their set recorded at the 'Rock the house' at the opera house. It will be a little longer than what's recorded on their bonus Internationalist disc so don't miss out!!

Powderfinger are in this weeks Juice mag (8 page spread) and Recovery mag. Check these little rippers out!! Also don't forget to vote in the jjj hottest 100 comp which closes on January 7th. These days is the pick of the bunch ;p so get your little bottoms over to the jjj official site.
There is also a rolling stone mag poll so vote for these days in this one also.........Powderfinger must reclaim their top of the pop rock status ;p The address for both of these are on my links section.
Hope y'all had a smashing new years