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News of 1999

Ok just a quick note to say that I added a short review of Powderfinger's set from the sydney homebake in the festival news section. It is extremely short but I think I have another review around here from the drum that I can put up later on....... Cheers!

Ok so I lied...... just had to let y'all know that in place of the finger family (a substitute you may call it) a new mailing list has been formed. It is called tailmail and it is accessible via this email address..... so re-subscribe to it if you were a finger member or don't!! The choice is yours!! Ta and have a spunky xmas.......

This is the last bit of news for the Millenium!!!!! (thought I'd follow in powderfinger's footsteps and say that for everything!!) But seriously! The band will be under wraps until they burst out with their new album hopefully coming to us around July next year though true to Powderfinger form that means at least September!! They've just come away from a blistering set of sets at Homebake and America & My love look to be the newies for the album!! Very exciting stuff.
Also check out some pics on my gig pics page. There are some newies thanx to the econodogs and I will be adding plenty more in the coming weeks.......Onto the jjj hottest 100 though!! Vote for your favourite Powderfinger song at the official jjj site. Also there is a competition being run by Chay Neal of 'Watching the j's' where you can guess the top 10 songs and the very last one (100) to win a prize. There is a Powderfinger signed t-shirt up for grabs as well as various signed merchandise from loads of bands so to enter that one go to my links page and find the 'hottest 100 Watching the j's' link to get straight to it. Finally have an awesome Christmas and a spunky new year......The count down to the new mil....nah!!!! Have a good one!!

I've just recently added a Festivals news link on my page.......seeing as it's summer now and coming up to the festival season it's only right that Powderfinger fans in other states should know what the band is up to gig wise. So make sure you keep visiting that link because I'm hoping to update it each festival (fingers crossed pardon the pun!).
Today and for this week it will be Gold Coast Homebake reviews. The one there now is from the official Homebake site and has a pic of bernie in action so have a squiz till the next festival...from people that visited Homebake 99 at the Gold Coast apparantly some new tracks are being played live....road tested you might say!! My love, America and a version of Paint it black........sounds too good!!!

Ok...Powderfinger were the most prominant band in the best Australian songs of the 90's on Triple J's J files. 5 songs out of 30 being:
daf (21)
These days (18)
Passenger (9)
Pick you up (6)
The day you come (4)
Whew! Quite a few! It seems only right that the follow up from that J files is the Powderfinger file this Thursday. Don't miss out!!

Hi guys. Just a quick note to let you know that some cool aria pics that were sent to me from Mai are now up on the gig pics page......check 'em out!!

While it is official that no more festivals will be done by powderfinger for the rest of this summer, T.V appearances have not died down. On Sunday night on Channel V, Bernie and Jon appeared conducting their own interviews and baring flesh (guess who!!). Last night they appeared on The Panel, firstly an interview with John and Bernie and then an acoustic version of passenger played by a very squashed Powderfinger. The boys do not cease to please in one area or another!!

More info on the Rock it at Joondalup festival all thanx to Crystal. The festival is at Arena Joondalup at Joondalup (of course!) and it begins at 1:45pm showcasing talent such as Powderfinger, Silverchair, Jebediah, Killing Hiedi, The Testeagles and heaps of dj' Rock it @ Joondalup in WA this are $35 and available from Red Tickets.....

The Powderfinger J files will be on November 25th......listen out for will be huge!!

News straight from the horses mouth says that Powderfinger will not be playing the Big Day Out touring festival this year.......Those of you who can get along to Homebake or Rock it @ Joondalup do it coz this is the last chance you'll get to see the finger before the Millenium!!

News from triple j reads that Powderfinger have featured on the new Live at the Wireless Cd. Apparantly it's a double cd and it features 'Don't wanna be left out' by Powderfinger from when they did their Live at the Wireless thing early this year. The cd is supposed to be awesome....Also all econodogs out there get your butts into gear for the j files. The competition closes on November 5th at 5pm so be quick.......To non econodogs, triple j will be paying homage to Powderfinger in upcoming j files so listen in to the j's......

We're looking at around early-mid next year until we will be able to get our hands on powderfinger's soon to be 4th album.......with this release will follow a tour and we can see the wonders of powderfinger in the live arena once again showcasing a bunch of new songs............aside from powderfinger though you can catch one of the fingers at Ric's bar in Brisbane on Thursday the 4th of November.......yep that would be Darren's band drag..........don't miss this one guys!!!

Good news for Western Australian people. Powderfinger will be appearing at 'Rock it @ Joondalup' in W.A on Sunday December the 5th. I don't have a whole lot of info on this festival but check your local papers and music shops for details.
After this and the Homebake festivals we have word that powderfinger will crawl back into their shells to produce us another mighty fine album.........the wait will most definitely be worth it!!

Arias just over and Powderfinger were most succesful band scoring 4 out of 5 awards, being:
Best rock album (Internationalist)
Best cover art (Internationalist)
Best single (day you come)
Best album (Internationalist)
It's been the joke that they have been nominated so often without getting an award that they'd have better luck at winning in a casino...........Good going guys.........We salute you.........and the dear old econodogs got another mention. What can I say?? Definitely a band of the people right bern??

Ok the final line-up for Homebake for both cities is up and it looks as though Powderfinger are definitely playing at both the Gold Coast and Sydney shows........great news or what?? If you'd like to take a look at the official Homebake site (and the bdo site) go to my links section and follow the links from there.

Well on the eve of the Secret gig in Brisbane, it is finally official that the duran duran tribute album is out and contains a version of 'the chauffer' by Powderfinger.....other artists included on this tribute album include Something for Kate, The Living End, Pollyanna and Ben Lee......go out and get it kiddies.....from the sounds of it you won't be disappointed!!
Also don't forget that the arias are live on free to air t.v on Tuesday the 12th of October.....Powderfinger will be appearing live along with the likes of Alex Lloyd and Killing Heidi. If you live in Sydney it could be worth going to ($55 for the show) but if you couldn't be bothered, just sit back and support our boys......maybe out of the 5 nominations we'll get a win this year!!

Ok! With the P2K gigs officially over as of last night, the nation is left to recuperate from one hell of a tour!! It is almost certain now that Powderfinger will only be appearing at the Sydney Homebake for reasons unknown......and for those of you who have been lazy in Brisbane, hurry and get tix for the secret show.......there's still tix on sale but only if you hurry!!

This note was posted on the Official page........ Remember that the re-scheduled POwderfinger shows are starting this weekend..... Also there is a secret show coming up with very special guests from down south "Pound System" and those lovable lads from "Violetine" there will be a very limited number of tickets available to the public (only 200!) this special gig will be held at a secret location in Brisbane on friday October 1st, Tickets will go on sale on Monday 20th September from Rockinghorse Phone charge (07) 3221 5361........don't miss out brisfinger fans!!!!

Ok! Changed dates for homebake......Gold Coast 28th November, Sydney 11th December. No venues have been named yet but the line-up has grown!!! New additions include Custard, Alex Lloyd, Grinspoon, Dirty three and Something for Kate........Powderfinger will almost certainly be headlining this festival alongside other late breaking news, our respectable Powderfinger boys were amongst the other 41 decent Australian males to refuse to do a nude photo shoot for Cosmopolitan.........go guys!

Yes folks we finally have the news that Powderfinger will be appearing at Homebake 99. Also on the confirmed line-up are: Silverchair, Frenzal Rhomb, Gerling and Resin Dogs (plus more to be announced). Tix for this wonderful event go on sale September 10th.....The Sydney version of this festival will come to us on Saturday December 4th but don't expect to be back at the domain kiddies.......the politicians just wouldn't have it !!

Latest news in the Powderfinger camp is that both Powderfinger and Drag (Darren's side band) will be appearing at Livid. Powderfinger will be playing an evening timeslot while Drag will appear at the Big Top at 1:10pm. Drag also has a website which can be accessed via the links section on this site.
After finishing off the last leg of the P2K tour the Powderfinger boys will return home to work on new material.....10 songs are already in the hopefully bring us a wonderful new album sometime next year. New dates are also clearly set out in my tours section.

regretfully advise that the following shows on the P2K tour have been rescheduled for one last time due to worsening illness. As previously announced, singer Bernard Fanning recently suffered a severe bronchial infection which resulted in the postponement of several shows in Melbourne, Wollongong and a cancellation in Perth.
Bernardís condition has since deteriorated and continuing the tour has strained his throat and caused severe inflamation of his vocal cords. After seeking medical advice from a Perth specialist yesterday, the risk of permanent damage has been weighed up and it has been decided that the remaining POWDERFINGER shows must be rescheduled for one last time to allow Bernard the proper time required for his full recovery. Please note below the revised dates. If you cannot make it along to the show on the night that corresponds with your ticket, full refunds will be available from point of purchase until the end of trade SUNDAY 22ND AUGUST.

FRI 17TH SEPT - HI FI BAR - MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for Fri 30th July / rescheduled to Fri 20th Aug with Something For Kate & Ice Cream Hands
SAT 18TH SEPT - HI FI BAR (UNDER 18íS) - MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for Sat 31st July / rescheduled to Sun 22nd Aug - with Something For Kate and Ice Cream Hands
SAT 18TH SEPT - HI FI BAR - MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for Sat 31st July / rescheduled to Sun 22nd Aug - with Something For Kate & Ice Cream Hands
SUN 19TH SEPT - HI FI BAR - MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for added show originally for 23rd August - with Violetine & Ice Cream Hands
MON 20TH SEPT - HI FI BAR - MELBOURNE (NEW SHOW) Brand new show on sale now through Ticketek - with Violetine and Ice Cream Hands
TUES 21ST SEPT - HALLAM RD HOTEL - HALLAM (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for Sun 1st Aug / rescheduled for Tues 24th Aug - with Something For Kate & Ice Cream Hands
THURS 23RD SEPT - WOLLONGONG UNI - WOLLONGONG (SOLD OUT) Valid for folks holding tickets originally for 29th July / rescheduled for 12th Aug - with Something For Kate & Stella One Eleven

Once again POWDERFINGER apologise profusely to their fans for all the confusion. We would really appreciate your help one last time in explaining this situation to ticket holders and we kindly ask you to revise your show listings accordingly. We also remind those that cannot get along to the show on the night that corresponds with their ticket are eligible for refunds - available from point of purchase until the end of trade SUNDAY 22ND AUGUST.

Powderfinger have been forced to cancel the last gig in Perth due to Bernie's uncuring illness.......check out the official page for full news but it does look like this poor singer needs some rest!! Unsure about other dates as yet but we will find out sooner or later...

Powderfinger have just recently been forced to postpone all Melbourne gigs due to Bernie having bronchitis. New dates have been posted on the page so go visit to check for them. Monash Uni gig should still go ahead (crossed fingers!!) extra date has also been added for Melbourne and Violetine is also on the bill...

TUESDAY 20th JULY 1999
The guys are currently on tour around Australia....tonight in Byron Bay. For those of you that haven't been visiting the page you may have missed that the new Passenger film clip was launched on Rage last Friday. Anyone who missed it should be able to catch it this Friday night. The film clip comes to us as a pre single release........passenger is due to hit the stores as a single on August 9th.
Two Hands the new Aussie flick will also be out on the 29th of July featuring none other than Heath Ledger and Bryan Brown. Powderfinger have been getting rave reviews for their contribution to the soundtrack of this Aussie movie for their songs Belter and in particular These Days which is sitting in the jjj net 50 top 5 at the moment.