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QDI P5I430HX-T2 Frontier Resources

QDI seems to have officially stopped supporting the P5I430HX-T2 "Frontier I" on their master web site. Some information documents used to be available at QDI Canada until Q1 2000.  I've managed to grab what I could before it got removed. This information is for advanced users only and is for educational purposes. Do what you want with it, but I cannot be held responsible if you screw up your board.

The P5I430HX-T2 uses the HX chipset which has been known to be very good at its time. It can be used with most Pentium, 6x86 and K5 systems manufactured prior to 1997. It also supports some additionnal features not found on other clones manufactured back then in 1996 such as many modes for the parallel port and a USB port. Don't ask me if it works though, I haven't tried it.

BIOS Revisions

These BIOS upgrades come with their own award flasher. Personnaly, I recommend using version 1.4 as 1.5 has an annoying bug. Use 1.5 only if you really need it. Download and use at your own risk!

Other information


Q: Upon flashing the 1.5 BIOS, the hard disk LED is always turned on!
A: This is a bug in the 1.5 code. I haven't found any way to get rid of this, so I've flashed back to 1.4 as this was quite annoying. Only use 1.5 if you really need it.


Phoenix Technologies - They acquired Award last year. Their "technical reference" section doesn't have a lot of advanced information.
Wim's BIOS page - Lots of information. The details on how to recover a corrupt flash ROM are especially useful.
QDI BIOS Support FAQ - Still applies to the Frontier I.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.qdi - Official QDI newsgroup.
Generic Award 4.51 CMOS setup manual

Created on April 20th 1999. Last updated on November 28th 1999.
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