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Musical Resume
I started playing the Guitar when I was 13.

My favorite guitarist is Carlos Santana

Love the Beatles

I'm a songwriter from TX,US.

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My Name is John Barraza

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  • after!
    I started with Space City Band
  • My 1st professional gig
  • We recorded a demo just for the purpose of getting bookings for weddings & quinceañeras

    Played with Sueño(1990)

  • I recorded a 4 song EP that was never released. Recorded at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston, TX.

    Then I joined Mercedez [Capitol-EMI]

  • We toured all over Texas promoting
    -"No Somos Criminales"-(1991)
    -"C'Est La Vie"-(1992)
  • Also recorded at Sugar Hill Studios.

    I was an original member of a rock/alternative band called Railroads

  • Later changed their name to Planet Shock

    I toured the U.S. with Fama [Sony Latin]

  • I joined on their 3rd CD entitled "Como Nunca"-(1992)
    -Como Nunca was certified Gold, then later Platinum
  • Our 2nd CD to go Gold/Platinum was "En Grande"-(1993)
  • Our 3rd certified Gold/Platinum CD "Enamorate"-(1994)
    -Sponsors included Bud Light, Levi's Jeans, & Reebok
  • Our next Gold CD was Lagrimas De Alegria"- RealAudio -(1995)

    Then I joined Diamante on Toca Records

    1999 I played in a Houston based funk band- TJ Funk

    The last band I played with was Amor Y Pasion

  • Capitol-EMI Sony Discos
    My interests:
    • Computers
    • Music
    • Graphic Arts
    • Desktop Publishing
    • anything creative!
    Favorite Links:


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