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Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing

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Cast: Georgia Craig,Sean Patrick Flanery,Ted Raimi

Producer(s): Tom Rowe,Lisa Richardson,

Director(s): Tobe Hooper


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

The Damned Thing was the first Ep. to air in season two of this horror series and one of the better movies from both seasons. Basically the story follows Kevin Reddle (Sean Patrick Flanery) the beleaguered sheriff of Cloverdale, Texas. To this day, Reddle is haunted by horrific memories. He recalls a time during the late fifties when the citizens of Cloverdale were overcome by rage and violence. Shortly afterward, he watched his own father, a Texas oilman, brutally murder his mother with a shotgun and was then forced to evade the frenzied man as he tracked him through the countryside. It wasn't long before the old man found Kevin's hiding place. Preparing to take his son's head off, Kevin's dad suddenly stopped cold and whispered "The damned thingit found me." Seconds later, he was gutted and torn to shreds by a monstrous invisible force, leaving behind a confused, traumatized Kevin.

To get into the plot much more would ruin the movie so I will stop there. The Damned thing is Tobe Hooper's best work in years and features a fantastic script by Richard Christian Matheson thats stays true to Ambrose Bierce's short story. This is a fast paced horror film thats got it all from excellent effects in the blood and guts department to a cast that really delivers. Sean Patrick Flanery is great as Kevin and Ted Raimi is a highlight as Father Tulli. This is an amazing opener for season two, given the time allowed Hooper put together an amazing film that builds a sense of dread with plenty of gore right up till it's worthwhile ending. If you had to own only one from season two this would be the one to buy. Hooper back in top form! Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****