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Zyfyrnovyx, the Elder Wyrm of the Skyclad Assemblage

Climate/Terrain: The Void or the Prime Material Plane
Frequency: Unique
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: None
Intelligence: Genius (20)
Tresure: None
Alignment: Neutral
NO. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: -11
Movement: (Infinite) 36, fly 24 (C)
Hit Dice: 18 (390 hit points)
THAC0: 1
NO. Of Attacks: (1) 4 + special
Damage/Attack: (7d10 + special) 3d4 / 3d4 / 5d6 / 3d8
Special Attacks: Special
Special Defenses: Special
Magic Resistance: 90%
Size: G (190' long with 100' tail)
Morale: 20 (Fearless)
XP Value: 59,000

Zyfyrnovyx is the physical representation of both good and evil. On one side Zyfyrnovyx is cold, manipulative, and capable of becoming wickedly evil. As for the other side, there is kindness, pureness, and in some villages, Zyfyrnovyx is known as a hero, protecting villagers by responding swiftly to any perceived threat. This was common, as Zyfyrnovyx likes to travel and often defends a village that it may decide to rest in. Zyfyrnovyx appears as a powerful and massive glossy blood red dragon with white and black glittering "star-like" flecs on its scales. Its chest and the end of its tail are pricked with spikes. Zyfyrnovyx's claws are like giant crazed void black thorns from a wild rose and its eyes seem dark and empty. Zyfyrnovyx speaks the draconic tongue of both Good and Evil-aligned dragons.

Combat:Zyfyrnovyx often avoids a battle and only fights when left no other choice responding with impressive speed for his size. In combat, Zyfyrnovyx is an unforgiving overwhelming force. In The Void it moves as swiftly as pure space. Zyfyrnovyx can travel to any point in The Void instantaneously, where it always strikes first in combat. Zyfyrnovyx can breathe a cone of pure force 10 feet at its origin, 50 feet long, and 20 feet wide at its base. This breath weapon causes a funnel of spacial fabric to pummel anyone within its area of effect, inflicting 15d10 points of damage. A successful saving throw vs. breath weapon reduces damage by half. On the Prime, Zyfyrnovyx uses traditional draconic melee attacks. Its deadly claws inflict 3d4 points of damage each, and its razor sharp teeth inflict 5d6 points of damage. Zyfyrnovyx can also strike opponents with its tail for 3d8 points of damage. While on the Prime Material Plane, Zyfyrnovyx can breathe a stream of pure positive energy 45 feet long and 10 feet wide. This breath weapon acts as a resurrection, heal, and restoration spell on Good-aligned creatures. In addition, the energy destroys (as the clerical turning effect of the same name) any undead or negative energy being of fewer than 10 Hit Dice. Such creatures with more than 10 Hit Dice must make a saving throw vs. death magic (with a -2 penalty) to survive. Creatures that save still suffer 8d8 points of damage. Secondly, Zyfyrnovyx being Neutral in origin, it is also capable of releasing a stream of negative energy 10 feet wide and 35 feet long. Anyone who is caught within the stream must make a successful saving throw vs. breath weapon or lose two life energy levels. Zyfyrnovyx can use this breath weapon only once per day. Those protected by the Priest spell negative plane protection gain an additional saving throw vs. death magic to avoid the effects if they fail the original save. However, Zyfyrnovyx does not suffer any damage from the blast of positive energy summoned by the spell. In addition, the dragon can attempt undead control on any undead creature within 180 yards, at will. The targeted undead creatures' saving throws against this ability suffer a -3 penalty. Zyfyrnovyx is immune to charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph, cold (magical or otherwise), electricity, hold, death spells, and symbols. Weapons of less than +2 enchantment do not effect this creature. Finally, Zyfyrnovyx can plane shift at will.