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Knights of the Dinner Table: Dave Does Live Action
Andrew Babb and Jolly Blackburn

Dave gives mighty-fine role play when he joins a sporting game of live-action blood sucking. 613 KB, Flash

Knights of the Dinner Table: Sara Joins the Group
Andrew Babb and Jolly Blackburn

Find out what happens when a female is introduced into an all-male role-playing group. 664 KB, Flash

Criswell Predicts
John Whalen

As this superspeedy 'toon demonstrates, in the future, vending machines will dispense much more than bagel chips and Mountain Dew. You can't imagine. 422 KB, Flash

Instructional Clip No. 7: How to Eat Without Choking to Death
Todd Hulin

New Yorker Todd Hulin performs a public service that's even better than demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver. 112 KB, Flash

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