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Pine Beach Kluane Venturers Mission Statement

The mission of the company is that of Scouts Canada

"The company will aproach the administration of the City of Dorval to determine ways in which the company may perform their public service activities in a manner that can best benefit the community of Dorval."

We have elected three executive members to run the group

PresidentChris Guay Runs all meetings, supervises, presents ideas, spokesman for the company, oversees all.
QuartermasterPhil Pearcey Gives financial report of business meetings and activities. Books are audited by the Group Committee Treasurer. A financial statement must be drawn up annually. Must keep annual reports. Keeps inventory of company equipment.
ScribeBryan Hebert All minutes must be recorded at each and every meeting. Must write all correspondence. Update all address lists and all official papers must be drawn up by the scribe.

For any other imformation contact Mr. Paul Hebert at 514-631-3157