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Meet the Artist

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I developed a taste for the arts at an early age. By the time I hit Highschool it was all I could think about... Okay, well ALMOST all I could think about; there were boys too. But boys weren't nearly as rewarding; turns out they only wanted me for one thing... my artistic skills.

I think one of my greatest achievements in highschool was managing to fit art into every course, wether the curiculum included it or not.


As an adult, my attempts at conventional 9 to 5 jobs met with the same fate as the Titanic; sinking straight to the bottom, needlessly killing hundreds. Okay, maybe my career choices didn't kill hundreds; more like just a dozen or two

I've travelled some. Then travelled some more, but I have to say there's no better place for a Canadian girl to live than Canada. Ahhh, Canada, where beer and hockey are components of all major religions and the men wear plaid flanel shirts... come to think of it, so do most of the women and children.

I've moved far, far from my home town; but that's no worry. Wherever my children and husband are, all is well.

That's all for now, folks; hope you enjoy the galleries.

"I've observed that the angriest people in the world are also the most frightened. Fear and anger are the same animal. Once you realize that and you work on letting your fears go, all the anger slips away too."

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