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Kanaima's Animation Page


**** Right now Everything is under major construction ****

So Far the Acid and Anime pages are the only ones up, others are soon to come...

My main reasons for making this page is because right now I am really bored at my school, the United States Air Force Academy. My reason for choosing this topic is because I've always loved this type of art. Back in the BBS'ing days, when ANSI was the computer art of choice because of it's low demand of bandwidth, I used to make and download Ansi pic's for fun. Then as bandwidth increased, so did the quality of the art being made. Groups such as Acid, Ice, CiA, to name a few, started making Jpegs, Gifs, and VGA pictures. Japenese animation also became popular in the US around this time, and Jap Anime, as it's called, has spectacular graphics. More to come soon.


Here's a couple pages with some pic's... (recommend a decent speed connection...)

 Acid Productions, one of the first art groups to come into existence. They make VGA'a, gif's, jpeg's, among other stuff...

 Jap Anime, aka, japenese animation. Very large following everywhere in the world. See why.

 Links to all the places I got my stuff.



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