My Recs Page


I decided to create a page in which I could recomend

those stories I just *love*. 

I will keep updating this page every time I get a chance to.

I'm rec'ing fics ranging from gen, het and slash, from PG to NC-17.  And if I were to label them all, I wouldn't have time to do this.  So I'm linking to the author's or archive's main page (unless it's on  Be sure to read the stories ratings and warnings first.


Harry Potter - HP

The Sentinel – TS

SeaQuest - SQ

Angel: The Series – ATS

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – BTVS

Xena: Warrior Princess – XWP

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – HTLJ


Fandom: XWP/HTLJ & SQ, others

Everything by JaimeBlue

Okay... It's not because she's my best cyber-friend.  And not because we're both Joxer's Angels.  And not because we've known each other for over 3 years......  though all those things *do* help ;-P .... But my dear JB is a VERY talented writer.  One *heck* of a writer.  An awesome writer.  A simply marvelous writer.  All of her fics are great, her pairings are *so* very unique, and she's written a ton of fics too!  Go. Now. Read. Review. Be awed. Be amazed. Send feedback!



Fandom: XWP/HTLJ & BTVS, others

Everything by Shamenka 

Okay, this is another lady who deserves to be recognized as one of THE best writers around.  Though she's not written in a while, all of her fics must be read.  Specially "The Fool and The God".    Go. Now. Read. Review. Be awed. Be amazed. Send feedback!


{He,he,he.... I've co-written stories with both these ladies.... oh lucky me!!!!!  ::does happy dance::  ::sings:: "They rock, and they're my friends. They rock, and they're my friends!"}


Fandom: HP

“The Cabin” by Halfling


Status: WIP

This story made a D/Hr believer out of me.  Beautifully written, and set at a lovely pace.

Author’s Summary: Hermione and Draco, who have learnt to respect and love each other through the workings of the Prophecy, are nearing the end. Draco's Death Eaters are causing him trouble, and Hermione feels the pain.



Fandom: HP

“Sole Survivor” by IronDoormat


Status: WIP

A great story which answers the question: what do you do if you’re a withc in need of money?  Well, go on a Reality TV Show, of course!

Author’s Summary: 39 days on a tropical island - can Hermione outplay the Muggles (and a familiar face) to become Sole Survivor?



Fandom: BTVS

“Fudgesicle” By Scorpio  Xander/Spike

“Pet” by Scorpio  Xander/Spike

“Mr. Happy” by Scorpio  Xander/Spike

“Feminine Perspective Series” by Scorpio  Xander/Spike

“Gradual Series” By Scorpio Xander/Larry

All wonderful stories by the lovely Scorpio, which can be found on her page at:

These are just my absolute favorites from Scorpio, though all her fics are wonderful, and I *do* love them all!



Fandom: BTVS

“Twilight Time” by Shadow


Status: Complete, also available as a zine, as an expanded version.

I *love* this story.  I’ve read it more than 3 times already.  Great, great story!  And it’s wonderfulness is proved by all the nominations for awards it’s received!



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“The Stranger Things Series” by Esmeralda

Spike/Xander, Angel/Doyle

Status: WIP

Consisting of ten, very long, incredibly written, wonderful stories about Spike and Xander’s relationship, and later on Angel and Doyle’s.  So well written you can actually *see* it.  The first 9 stories are finished, she’s working on the 10th.



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Reconstruction Series” by Wordsmith


Status: Complete 

Three very wonderful stories about life after Buffy's death.  Lovely writing, very nice length, great stories.  The other fics are also very nice.

Author's Summary: The Scooby Gang rebuilds their lives after the loss of Buffy.



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Small Fry 1 & 2” by James Walkswithwind and Mad Poetess

Spike/Xander, Tara/Willow, others

Status: Complete 

This is one of my favorite stories ever! The cuteness of it all!  And such wonderful work mantaining the characters even through all that happens to them (nothing bad, I swear, I just don't want to spoil!).  A must read for any Buffy fan, no matter what pairing rocks your boat.

Author's Summary: Buffy and the Scoobs find an ancient, mysterious, magical artifact that they shouldn't touch. They touch it. Warnings for excessive cuteness. We mean it.


Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Domestic Pirahnas” by James Walkswithwind and Mad Poetess

Spike/Xander, others

Status: Complete & WIP.... it's a series of stories, all completed, but the series isn't... and we hope it never ends....

It defies description, this story.  But, it's awesome.  A must read.  And really long, too! ;-D



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Coming Out” by Kayla


Status: Complete

One of the funniest stories I've read.  Really good X/S too!

Author's Summary: Xander is dragged out of a closet he never knew he was in.


Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Sweet Memories” by Kayla


Status: Complete

Incredibly sweet X/S story.  Memory is lost and love is found.

Author's Summary: Spike and Xander encounter a powerful demon, and the resulting battle has life altering consequences.



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

"Jewels of the Sea" by Kayla 

This sorta 'sequel' to "Sweet Memories" is a must read.  

Status: WIP

Author's Summary: X'an meets a skittish S'ke and befriends him. Events ensue wherein things happen.


Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“What If?” by Kayla


Status: WIP - we hope, not abandoned

Reminds me of being 15.  Wonderful portrayal of the gang, sans Buffy, adding Jesse, and eliminating Spike's Spikeness....

Author's Summary: What if Giles weren't a Watcher? What if Spike weren't a vampire? What if it took Buffy just a few extra years to get to Sunnydale? 


The rest of Kayla's fics are also *must reads*.  These are just the best!!!



Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“A Matter of... Series” by Kay 

Spike/Xander, S/X/A/D

Status: Complete, but there is more coming... it's a series!!!

A foursome could not be more believable.  Wonderful writing, steamy sex scenes, and nummy Xander. 

Author's Summary: Xander gets hit with the effects of a fairly nasty demon. He's going to need Spike's help, along with Angel and Doyle's, if he's going to live through it. 


Fandom: BTVS/ATS

“Tiny Smiles Series” by SaberShadowKat 


Status: Complete

Really sweet series, best of all of her's, and the rest are awesome.  For contented little sighs...  Lots of stories to this series, too.

Author's Summary: Xander watches Spike sleep. Then, later, he worries about the vampire.