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Justin Credible Fansite

Welcome to the Justin Credible Fansite.

At the age of 25, Justin Credible has a mean streak in him unlike even the most grizzled veterans. Vile, cunning, decadent, and disturbing, Credible has stopped at nothing to destroy his competition and rise to the upper echelon of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Credible's hit list reads like a who's who of Pro Wrestling International: He broke the Great Sasuke's leg and stole his sacred mask, he decimated Mikey Whipwreck's knees, he turned away Japanese Legend Gran Hamada, He stole the Sandman's Singapore Cane, and he spit in the face of a ceremony honoring Tommy Dreamer's dead grandfather.

ACCORDING TO THE WWF-- In Extreme Championship Wrestling he was known as an Impact Player -- with good reason. To say that Justin Credible had an impact on ECW is an understatement. Armed with a mean streak to go with a cunning, disturbing personality, Credible ran roughshod through ECW's roster en route to becoming a World Heavyweight Champion and a World Tag Team Champion.

er briefly teaming with Albert and X-Pac in the Federation, Justin turned his back on the Federation and joined the Alliance, where he now regularly competes in the tag team division.

Page News

4/29/02-- Updated the results section a bit (scroll down), Justin had a match last night on Heat, so check that out if you missed it last night!

Justin Credible News

    4/28/02-- Well, as far as I know this was the first time Justin has been seen in a long time. Scroll down a bit to see the match result.


4/28/02-- Justin was on Sunday Night Heat. Unfortunately he lost to Tommy Dreamer. But I'm glad to see he's back and still doing well. The match wasn't that bad, actually. As Justin came close to beating Dreamer numerous times.


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