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Listen to Classical soothes mind and spirit.............

PERSONAL DATA: Or who am I?.....A person with great chalenge with a down to earth living process.

It all started 5 decennies ago in the month of June (Gemini), my dad was the Owner of Violet Moving, then Barriau Bros, branched with MayFlower Van Lines, successfully rooted in Hartford Connecticut. He was of course travelling a lot, and at this particular time of my birth, my mother was in Canada visiting her parents, to make a short story, my mother was so surprised and amazed to see my father, that birth was decided right there, and so I obtained dual citizenship (franco-american)

Later in years, as everyone, school, college, university,romance, marriage, kids, divorce...

Came to Canada in 1974, launched the first Paremedical Ambulance Services, became one of society' pillars....Then I got the big drop......

Photo Internalional, Image Magazine, Image Producers, Image Productions, Ambulance Society of Canada, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Urgence Sante (EMS) Trinity Ambulance, Professional Ambulance, City Alderman, Photographer, and Attorney at Law in Internalional Criminal/Civil Law.

Hartford Connecticut area, Atlanta Georgia, San Francisco Ca, Detroit Illinois, Tampa Ste Petersburg Florida, Montreal Quebec Canada

Fleet of 18 ambulances, 3 residences, 4 offices,1 all season retreat lodge,Farm on 650 acres of land with 10 Arabians, sheeps, goats.

1985: Then it all happened.....Lost every thing I had so energinically worked for. Took the blame for someone else, simply because for many years my wife had said to me that I did not know how to love her son, so I took his blame for Arson, was put behind bars, later was released per inquiry from the Justice system as to my innocence in this matter....nevertheless the time spent in prison, my wife cashed in on my holdings with the police officier who had falsified the report.....she later divorce to take home with this Law officer (sic). But it was to my advantage, my identity crisis was now in arms.

Return to Florida in order to care for my mother, very sad experiences that proves"mother is not always right, could be dead wrong....Worked in landscaping, painting, general maintenance, photography, taught Photography at the Ringling School of Art and at the Manatee Art Center. Purchased a house by the Gulf of Mexico, obtained a Law Degree from George Washington University and Stetson Law University.

Return to Canada, broken and worn-out to recuperate in order to locate myself with my past values, and decide the next few hundred miles of active entreprise.

After marriage, divorce, re-dating, and coming up with my identity crisis. I had to accept and affirm myself with the Alternative Lifestyle (GAY). Two previous marriages, two divorces, raising three boys could not cure that I was a latent homosexual that eventually had to Come-Out....I presently live alone, after a 12 years relationship that ended.

English Sheep dog, Maltese terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Doberman and a very special the endangered species....a Puma, of 350 pounds, imagine his food bills, vet fees and space required.....

I now have a SnowShoe siamese cat, this one opens doors, causes havoc in every cupboards in the kitchen in search for his meal, a very good alarm clock at 6AM.

Almost ready to retire some will say......well AM NOT! My future plans is to launch a Magazine for the Alternative Lifestyle, that will rock the ever so present provocative gay magazine.

ALTERNATIVE IMAGE : Look for it soon......

DIGNITARIES KNOWN: Cardinal Paul Emile Leger, Vittorio DeLuca, Gabon Ambassador.


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