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** (-etik) is the plural marker for words.

mis - cat
misetik - cats

jun lo'bal - one banana
wakeb lo'baletik - six bananas

ta ch'en - to the cave
ta xch'en - to his cave

Good day.
Taa xi la k'oel.

What's going on ?
Binti jejchuk ?

Nothing much.

Which one of you is sick ?
Mach'a junuk me ay te chamele ?

That's fine.


How do you feel ?
Binti ya'el yawa'y ts'in ?

I am feeling a little better.
Junta lek ayonix jtebuk ya'yel

Where are you going ?
Banti ya xbat ek ?

Be careful and dont hurt yourself.
Xa'wil me aba ma me ja'uk te me ay x'ejchinajate

I dont understand.
Ma jna'

Why doesn't she come ?
Bi yu'un te ma xtale?

What happened to her ?
Binti la spas ?

Oh shit !
Ya' se !

I am going to look for her now.
Ja' lek ya jle ta ora

What is this ?
Binti mene ?

What in the world am I going to do ?
Binti la jpas ryos kajwal ?

I am going back to my house.
Ya sujton ta jna.

Is my lunch ready ?
Chapel balex we'lil ?

I am very hungry.
Yu'un yalel bayelix wi'nal ya ka'y

Do you want to eat ?
Yabal ak'an xwe'atix ?

It is ready.

Where did you go ?
Banti xk'otokat ?

You arrived very late.
Te toy k'aal ajulate

I am going to the cave.
Ya xban ta ch'en

I am going to the school.
Ya xban ta skwela.

thanks alot.

I am returning to my house.
Ya sujton ta jna.

We are Tseltales.
Jo'otike tseltalotik.

Listen to that.

What can I offer you ?
Binti jejchuk ?

I am very cold.
Yu'un ya xlajonix ta sik.

Are you cold ?
Ya xlajat ta sik ?

Bring me some more wood.
Tsaka tal bayel si'.

I'll bring it now.
Ya jtzaj tal.

I am so hungry.
Yu'un ya xlajonix ta wi'nal.

Are you hungry ?
Ya xlajat ta wi'nal ?

I'm going to heat the water.
Ya jk'ixna te ja'e.

Let's catch the turkey.
Ya jtsaktik te jkotse.

The water is boiling.
Ya xbulanix te ja'e.

Pass me a spoon.
tsakben tal tuts'

This book is written in Tseltal and translated into Spanish.
Ja'in junini pasbil ta jk'optik tseltal sok k'asesbil ta kaxkan k'op.

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