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This is Graveyard. One of my better creations. Her ability to survive has brought her far, her wits getting her further. But her courage taking her into situations she isnt so good at getting out of. Charming in her own ways, powerful in others. A strong woman with a strong heart and a warriors bravery.

More to come. Initial background information links will also be added in the futer.


*In walks a cloaked figure. Eyes gleaming of terror and execution. She is tall and obviously thin, attractive, yet altimetly in power with in her own mind. She doesnt look at anyone. Her cloak hood falling back as she continues in. Her eyes are a deep deep midnight blue, her hair hair is long and thick. A glossoming sandy blonde. Her cloak flies open revieling a her strong figure. A full length body suit tight over her attractive figure, made of black leather. Zippers lace the sides going down the sides of the legs and up accrossed her breasts. Her six pack becomming very visable, shaped by the leather itself. The arms are non exsistant on the outfit, but the boots, laced with clamps reaching to her knees, with zippers on the sides and high heels. The tip made with a razor sharp metal. They reach up to her knees, no further. She shows no sign of emotion. Around her waste is a militery gear belt, black hanging off of one side, resting on her hip on the other. A 9mm beretta hangs from the right side of her belt, extended clip filled with Teflon coated hollow points. On the left side of her belt is a colt 45 mark 4 series 70, extended clip with black talon hollow point slugs. On her back, strapped is a clamor mine. All hidden(app. 4)*


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