Customer Testimonials

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NAME: Brian Brown
PRODUCT: Life Size Princess Jesus
RATING: †††††

Dear GodCo,
I can't believe I'm writing this but I just had to thank you. Your product Life Size Princess Jesus really is a savior. As ashamed as I am to admit this, last summer when I was very depressed about being single I went up to my neighborhood target and bought a Life Size Princess Barbie. It was weird buying it in front of all those people (I just told them it was my sisters birthday). I spent countless nights dancing around my room with her while wearing her tiara. I even taught her the Macarena. Then one night while she lay in my arms I thought, "Is God laughing at me?" I knew he was. So I retired my Barbie. But she still sat in my room and haunted me. Then through some friends of mine, I stumbled on to your web page. It changed my life almost as much as the George Forman Grill and the Bow-Flex. I knew I had to have the Life Size Princess Jesus. But I was broke. So what did I do? Prayed, duh! And the next day a box of money lay under my bed. I knew God had pulled through for me I also knew I could never go back to Mexico. So I immediately order Life Size Princess Jesus for over night shipment. When he came I could hardly contain my excitement. I ripped through the package and there he was. Ever since that day he has never left my side. Sure I lost his tiara and my dog has chewed off his left leg and all his fingers but I still love him. But I know you might want to know where’s Barbie? I don't know, but I can tell you ain't heaven. Thanks once again.

Your best customer,
Brian C. Brown

NAME: Christie Hansen
PRODUCT: Forbidden Fruit of the Loom
RATING: ††††‡
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful change your new product, the forbidden fruit of the loom lingerie, has made in my life. Thanks to this great and much needed support, my boobs are much perkier and they give off this warm glow that’s just so inviting that I attract men like flies. They can’t help but stare! I even got a call from God himself the other day, and he said they’re looking great. Thanks to GodCo, and my newly improved rack, God might even choose me to carry this new Messiah that everyone's talking about. We shall see... Thanks again!