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"And Lo! As you, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall answer the pleas of thine disciples, so shall GodCo representatives answer emails... or something like that." - Genesis 20:99

Nikesha of the Wacky State of Georgia writes:
wa' up bitches. Dis aint exactly no haitmail bu' yo site is da shi'. It is fuckin funny as hell. I mean u guys are some of d funiest sons o' assholes aroun. u kno wha' i mean g. well u can put me on d oderform for biblomonons and jessus jelyfis. tanks fo d lafter felos. later

yos truli,

Answers from GodCo's founders:

Dis be Josh. Tanks, ho, wes aprcei8 yo soport. D big G luv yo an yo famly, an spect sumthin n da mail fom wes. G' luk wit yo life, nigga! Peace out!

Yo yo yo yo! Profeso Elliott in da hous! We mity tankful o de suppor u bes givin us. We jus hop u be givin props to da lor' in dem pearly gates, foo! Butt as my main nacho, homie dog in da hous, mutha fuka, peanut butta, wurd to yo mutha, gr8pe soda, busta cappa, frank zappa, white cracka, take a nappa, read a mappa, drinkin wata from da tapa, candy wrappa, tree sappa, doesn't know his papa, cat sittin in his lappa, don get bitch slappa, like to yappa, takes a crappa, anti- gravity, fortee cavity, zip zoop zapity, da one an only Josh (co-founder of Godco) is always a'preechin mee: shi'! It's da cops!

Many Thanks,
Josh and Elliott (founders of GodCo)