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With GodCo's growing success, it's no surprise that'd we'd be mentioned in a few news programs or even interviewed by leading journalists from such established companies as CNN and The Onion.

News Organizations Featuring GodCo

GodCo, now the world's leader in exploiting the beliefs of millions of Christians, has garnered the worldwide attention of many notable sources, including (but not limited to): CNN, The Nashville Network, BET, the BBC, Newscorp, Globex, Tom Brokaw's Secretary, the lovely Verna Applegate, TIME Magazine, and the very respectable Playgirl. Also of note is our continued negotiations with the bible's publisher as far as endorsement purposes are concerned.

News Articles

USA Today: "Commercial Website 'GodCo' Goes to Court, Vows Vengeance"

USA Today: "Man Loses Limb, GodCo enters Second Week"

USA Today: "Celebrities Come Out to Aid GodCo"


TIME Magazine interviews GodCo founders Josh and Elliott.