Hate Mail

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"Let he who have no sin cast the first stone" - Jesus Christ*

To GodCo:
You have disgraced the name of God himself. I have never actually been to this satanic place, but I know it is the work of the antichrist. I had a dream once in which God himself came to me and said, “E-mail these people, they are the work of the devil.” So I believe by sending this mail I am doing God’s work. I hope from this letter you will close down your “hell-house” or you shall be condemned to Hell and be burned by torch for eternity. I hope this will change your mind and save your eternal souls.

Concerned Priest,
Father O’Henry

Dear GodCo,
Last week I purchased a "Jesus Jellyfish" for my little sister's birthday. However, upon touching it my little sister caught the Bubonic Plague. This upsets me greatly, because I now have to clean up her bubbling remains. I would like a refund for the money I paid or at least a new Jesus Jellyfish. And also I have included a check for $49.99 for a Malibu Jesus.

Brooks Pingston

You guys are so pathetic. Get a life.


Is there really a sexy dance night? I was just wondering because I got all ready to shake my groove thing and nobody was online..........once again I am left feeling rejected.

Please sign me up for some products. And I would be forever grateful if you could throw in some of that spray deodorant. I haven’t been able to get off the addiction yet either.

P.S. Go to Hell.

Christie Hansen

I don't believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday


here's feedback for you. that is the most disgusting thing i have ever ever ever laid my eyes on.. and if you think this is ever remotely funny, you've got to be kidding yourself.. people in this world that create and support this trash should realize that it doesn't matter if people think that the site is funny...God's gonna judge you no matter what..he's the final sayso.. and sounds to me, son, that you need to get your facts straight. most people in america don't want to read garbage like that. you DON'T exploit God. you don't make up crappy merchandise and act like it's real. i just feel so sorry for you. read your bible, if you don't have one, i'll copy one for you on the internet.. God Bless YOU. have a nice day.

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