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Savior II: The Australian Outback

The follow-up to GodCo's summer hit is finally upon us! Savior II pits 16 would-be messiahs against each other for a chance to win Salvation and a Pontiac Aztek. Every third day the messiahs travel to the local First Baptist Church to excommunicate one of their own until one remains. Will it be the crusty old racist Jesus? Perhaps the flmaing homosexual Jesus? Or will it be Sonja? No, it won't be Sonja. Savior II: Outsmart, Outlast, Outpray. Sundays at 6.

Who Wants to Be A Martyr?

Join host Jesus Philbin as he tests the faith of contestants from around the globe. Will they die for what they believe in, or will they walk with the money they've earned? A martyr has only limited lifelines on GodCoTV. Come see the show described by critics as "Wholesome" "Riveting" "Intelligent" and "Unscripted" (along with other adjectives). Mondays at 4.

Jew's Clews

To show that we here at GodCo care about children as much as their parents with disposable income, we proudly present our first show aimed at adorable preschool kids with runny noses: Jew's Clews. Shout along with our clueless host as he stumbles through life without meaning. Little does the stinky Jew know that he is incomplete without the glory of our Lord! Silly host!

Yahweh-ght Watchers

Overweight from eating too much of the body of Christ? Well, God hates a glutton! Lookin' like a Big Fat Chinese Buddha? Well God doesn't like false idols! It's a well known fact fat people don't get into heaven. Thank the Lord for Yahweh-ght Watchers, where we specialize in Biblical exercise. From pyramid building to daily walks on water, nothing burns those calories away more than Yahweh-ght Watchers! Tuesdays at 9.

Biblimon: The Jehovah Journeys

The latest craze that's sweeping the nation (no, not the Razor Skooter) has finally made it to the red/green/blue screen with Biblimon: The Jehova Journeys. Following the trials and tribulations of young missionary Nebuchadnezzar as he attempts to battle and capture all 667 Biblimon, while coverting the heathens to the light through passage readings. Or stabbing them with a cross. Look for new Biblimon like Jewgia and the mysterious Saduj.

Cooking with Moses

Leader of the Hebrews, prophet to the Lord, and culinary master. Looking for the perfect recipe to spice up that boring old Christmas dinner? Need to find the perfect way to sacrific an animal for Easter? Just wanna make the most delicious matza cookies? Moses can do it all, and he will. He can even seperate the eggs. So grab some blank GodCo brand videotapes and get ready to hit record, because you won't want to miss a "beat."

Jesus League America!

High atop the bustling metropolis of Jerusalem stands the headquarters of the Jesus League. Yes! The Jesus League! Consisted of Biblical superheroes you all know and love, they protect the faithful and vanquish evil sinners and Jews. Watch as Jesus makes fish appear from nowhere, as CyberMoses parts the waters of injustice, and let's not forget about the Green Lantern! Assemble your friends for a program you won't want to miss!

Judge Judas

With all the sin in this world, many devoted Christians feel it is best for justice to be served immediately, rather than wait for the slow Justice of God (gradual death, trial in heaven, appeals, eventual eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell). It is with that in mind that the heads of GodCoTV's programming division creating Judge Judas. Has a lazy room mate's dog destroyed your priceless Bible collection? Don't turn to God, turn to Judge Judas! With Judas you can be sure of swift Justice. God may let you down, but Judge Judas will never betray you!