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Girl of Wrestling

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Kimberly Page
Nitro Girls
Beulah McGillicuty
Other Women

I'm glad WCW introduced the "Nitro Girls". They make Nitro. You know "Mean" Gene Okerlund loves them. It's a good way to get Kim on every broadcast. My only complaint about Kim is that she doesn't come to the ring with DDP. I wish she would stay at ringside so we could see more of her. She appeared in the special issue "Nude Celebrities". Also, she was published in: 1996 March/April Book Of Lingerie, 1995 Jan./Feb. Book Of Lingerie and 1994 Playboy's Great Playmate Hunt #2.

Total Number of Kim Pictures: 27

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All the pictures of everyone's favorite Monday Night Dance Team. The Nitro Girls consist of Kim Page, Fire, Chae, Tayo, A.C., Whisper, and Spice. And they definitely give people a reason to watch Nitro.

Total Number of Nitro Girls Pictures: 27

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Sunny (Tamara Stych) has made the transistion from the WWF to the ECW. Titan Sports (WWF) fired her for not seeking treatment for an addiction problem. It sucks that she won't be on WWF T.V. any more but I'm sure they'll get someone else soon. But one thing is for certain . . . she's a babe. Her boyfriend, Chris Candido, is a lucky man.

Total Number of Sunny Pictures: 117

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Sable (Rena Mero) is the manager and real-life wife of Marc Mero. Her problems with Marc have lead to some memorable moments on RAW and some incredible outfits. She is a definite star and I'm glad she's in the WWF. Enjoy.

Total Number of Sable Pictures: 96

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Marlena (Terri Runnels) is cigar smoking former valet/manager of Dustin Runnels (a.k.a. Goldust/Dustin Rhodes). But you may remember her as Alexandra York, the manager for Michael Wall Street (Mike Rotunda) in the WCW.

Total Number of Marlena Pictures: 21

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Francine (Francine Fournier) hails from the ECW. I don't get to watch the ECW where I live but I know she's hot and requested.

Total Number of Francine Pictures: 44

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Beulah (Beulah McGillicuty) also comes from the ECW. I don't get to watch ECW so I don't know much about her except she's hot and you guys requested her. Just enjoy the pics that are here.

Total Number of Beulah Pictures: 20

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This section is devoted to several different people. DX Flashers, Chyna, Jacquelyn, Mrs. Yamaguchi-san, and Debra McMichael. More women to come in the future, just keep an eye out for changes.

Total Number of "Other Women" Pictures: 29

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