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My Cook Family

(1) 1. William Cook

Birth Date: Before 1761

Birth Place: Germany

Death Date: 22 Feb 1841

Military History of William Cook was posted in A. L. Cook's family record as follows:

He enlisted about March 13, 1777 as a private for three years in a company commanded by Capt. David Smith, Col. Chandler's regiment of Connecticut troops. After having served about 18 months he was appointed Corporal and performed duties as corporal until the expiration of his term of service. (he was in Col. Sherman's regiment at the end of his service.)

Residence of soldier at time of enlistment was Waterbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut. (He resided in CT until about 1796, when he moved to Pompey, NY.) Date of application for pension was January 28, 1819, residence: Pompey, NY. Age of applicant for pension was 58 years.

During the Revolutionary War William Cook and eleven companions were sent to carry dispatches and were lost by their guide. They were lost for nine days. They carried with them only three day's rations. They were very nearly starved and lived on toads and roots.

William Cook emigrated to America before the Revolutionary War was declared in 1776. As far as can be learned there were five men by the name of Cook who came to America on the same vessel. It was said that all were related and four of them enlisted in the Army.

Alfred Loren Cook stated in his family record that "if . . . William Cook had any brothers he never knew of it."

Information collected re:William Cook includes:

In 1840, Albert Cook was living in Manlius, Onandaga with father William, age 79 (and mother?) (Census of Pensioners - Revolutionary or military Service, Printed by Blair & Rives 1841)

In 1855, Albert Cook, the son of William and Asenath was a resident of Pompey, NY. [pension appl.]

In 1819, Trueworthy Cook, a resident of Granby, Oswego County, NY stated that he enlisted in Waterbury, CT with the soldier William Cook, but did not state any relationship between them. (According to a correspondence {correspondent on AOL: Trueworthy Cook was a brother of a Lemuel Cook, both sons of Henry Cook and Hannah Benham. Trueworthy was born 29 Sep 1758 in Litchfield, CT and died 29 Jul 1822 in Granby, NY.}

In 1810, Census of Pompey, NY, these five Cooks are listed: Eli, Lemuel, Henry, Truworthy [sic], and William.

Received from correspondence online excerpt from _Pension Abstracts_: COOK, William, Asenath, W1723, BLW #11421-160-55, CT line, sol lived at Waterbury in Litchfield Co., CT at enl & lived in CT until 1796 then moved to Pompey in Onondaga Co., NY & appld there 28 Jan 1819, aged 58, sol & wid m there 26 Feb 1797 & sol died there 22 Feb 1841, wid appl 20 Apr 1850 Oswego Co., NY (she was visiting her daughter who is not named) aged 71 but was a res of Pompey, wid appl for BLW 9 Apr 1855 Oswego Co., a res of Palermo, NY, in 1855 sol's son Albert Cook lived in Pompey, NY, in 1819 Trueworthy Cook of Granby in Oswego Col, NY stated that he enl with sol but did not state relationship.

Found cemetery listing on USGENWEB online for "Pompey Hollow - west of creek" in Pompey township, Onondaga county. It lists COOK, William (d. Feb. 22, 1841 ae 80) and Asenath (d. July 25, 1856 ae 78).

Spouse: Asenath ________

(Lived with daughter, __ Jackson, in Palermo, Oswego Co., NY in Apr. 1855.)

Marriage Date: 26 Feb 1779

Children: Josiah





(2) 1.1 Josiah Cook

Children: Horace





(3) 1.1.1 Horace Cook

(3) 1.1.2 Orta Cook

(3) 1.1.3 Messia Cook

(3) 1.1.4 Cintha Cook

(3) 1.1.5 Mohala Cook

(2) 1.2 John Cook

Children: Libba






(3) 1.2.1 Libba Cook

(3) 1.2.2 Sarah Cook

(3) 1.2.3 Cornelius Cook

(3) 1.2.4 Erastus Cook

(3) 1.2.5 Eliga Cook

(3) 1.2.6 Walter Cook

(2) 1.3 Enos Cook

Birth Date: Circa 1766

Birth Place: Connecticut

Death Date: 1855

Death Place: Onondaga, NY

(Enos Cook was in the War of 1812 and was stationed at Onondaga Hollow to guard the U.S. arsenal during the war.)

Spouse: Elizabeth Pullman

Birth Date: Circa 1779

Birth Place: NY

Death Date: 1866

Death Place: Freeport, IL

Children: Allen


Randolph Enos



Caroline Elizabeth

Lonsing Curtis

(3) 1.3.1a Allen Cook*

Death Place: NY

Spouse: Jemima Platte

Death Place: NY

Marriage Place: Marcelus, Onondaga Co., NY

Children: Frances M.


Other spouses: Ereline Goodridge

(4) 1.3.1a.1 Frances M. Cook

Death Place: NY

(4) 1.3.1a.2 Platte Cook

Death Place: Chicago, IL

(3) 1.3.1b Allen Cook*

(See above)

Spouse: Ereline Goodridge

Marriage Place: Lyons, NY

Children: Helen

Other spouses: Jemima Platte

(4) 1.3.1b.1 Helen Cook

(3) 1.3.2 Alfred Cook

Death Place: Saratoga Springs, NY

Spouse: Elsa Redmond

Marriage Place: Lockport, NY

(3) 1.3.3a Randolph Enos Cook*

Birth Date: 2 Dec 1815

Birth Place: Onondaga County, NY

Death Date: 7 Feb 1903

Death Place: New Castle, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

Occupation: Carriage painter, Farmer

Spouse: Mary Aurora Eldridge

Birth Date: 22 Sep 1811

Birth Place: Vermont

Death Date: 6 Oct 1867

Death Place: Hall Co., Nebraska

Spouse Father: Esquire Eldridge (1775-1815)

Spouse Mother: Mary Johnson (1789-1857)

Marriage Date: 7 Jan 1811

Marriage Place: Rossville, OH

Children: Emily Susan (Died Young)

Alfred "Alf" Loren

Jasper Eldridge

Mary Frances

Eugene (Died Young)

Emma Florence (Died Young)

George (Died Young)

Other spouses: Louiza Reece (Reese)

(4) 1.3.3a.1 Emily Susan Cook

Birth Date: 22 Oct 1837

Death Date: 13 Jul 1838

Burial Place: Rossville, Ohio

(4) 1.3.3a.2 Alfred "Alf" Loren Cook

Birth Date: 23 Dec 1839

Birth Place: Camden, Preble Co., Ohio

Death Date: 14 Apr 1913

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, Wayne Co., IN

Spouse: Jane Ellen Pritchard

Birth Date: 22 Jul 1840

Birth Place: Noblesville, IN

Death Date: 18 Oct 1902

Death Place: New Castle, IN

Spouse Father: Isaac Pritchard (1814-1878)

Spouse Mother: Margaret Abden (-1851)

Marriage Date: 13 Apr 1859

Marriage Place: Cambridge City, IN

Children: Clara (Died Young)

George Leroy

Ida O.

Leota Ellen


(5) 1.3.3a.2.1 Clara Cook

Birth Date: 25 Jan 1860

Birth Place: Cambridge City, IN

Death Date: 27 Jan 1860

Death Place: Cambridge City, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

(5) 1.3.3a.2.2a George Leroy Cook*

Birth Date: 20 Jun 1861

Birth Place: Cambridge City, IN

Death Date: 9 Apr 1910

Death Place: Richmond, IN

Burial Place: Capitol Hill Cemetery, Cambridge City, IN

Spouse: Mary Frances McDowel

Birth Date: 1867

Death Date: 21 Feb 1894

Burial Place: Cambridge City, Wayne Co., IN

Marriage Place: New Castle, Henry Co., IN

Other spouses: Myrtle Blanche Farlowe

(5) 1.3.3a.2.2b George Leroy Cook*

(See above)

Spouse: Myrtle Blanche Farlowe

Birth Date: 15 Apr 1880

Marriage Date: 7 May 1898

Children: Clifford (Died Young)


Alfred William

Edward Russel

Other spouses: Mary Frances McDowel

(6) 1.3.3a.2.2b.1 Clifford Cook

Birth Date: 14 Apr 1901

Death Date: 5 Sep 1901

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

(6) 1.3.3a.2.2b.2 Clarence Cook

Birth Date: 14 Jul 1902

(6) 1.3.3a.2.2b.3 Alfred William Cook

Birth Date: 4 Apr 1905

(6) 1.3.3a.2.2b.4 Edward Russel Cook

Birth Date: 5 Sep 1907

(5) 1.3.3a.2.3 Ida O. Cook

Birth Date: 25 Dec 1864

Birth Place: Brightwood, Marion Co., IN

Death Date: 16 Feb 1937

Death Place: Henry Co. IN

Burial Place: Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, IN

Spouse: George Taylor Bradway

Birth Date: 16 May 1856

Birth Place: Straughn, Henry Co., IN

Death Date: 1 Aug 1907

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

Occupation: Railroad man for NY Central RR, Plasterer

Spouse Father: Daniel Burt Bradway (1827-1900)

Spouse Mother: (Nancy) Jane Matthews (1826-1906)

Marriage Date: 10 Jul 1889

Marriage Place: New Castle, IN

Children: Leota May

Loren Edwin

Ernest Wynn

Eugene "Gene"

Gladys Lucy

Viola Fay "Vi"

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.1 Leota May Bradway

Birth Date: 22 Apr 1890

Birth Place: Anderson, Madison Co., IN

Death Date: 17 Feb 1947

Death Place: Indianapolis, IN

Burial Place: Glen Cove Cemetery

Spouse: Laverne Guyer White

Birth Date: 10 May 1887

Birth Place: New Castle, Henry Co., IN

Death Date: 31 Aug 1945

Death Place: Indianapolis, IN

Marriage Date: 17 Sep 1908

Marriage Place: Knightstown, IN

Children: Virgil Gerney

Opal Marie

Omer Russel

Gerald George

Clara May

Ernest Eugene

James Richard

Geneva Belle

Robert Lee "Bob"

Donald Kenneth "Don"

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.2 Loren Edwin Bradway

Birth Date: 6 Aug 1891

Birth Place: New Castle, IN

Death Date: 18 Nov 1945

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.3 Ernest Wynn Bradway

Birth Date: 16 May 1893

Birth Place: Muncie, Delaware Co., IN

Death Date: 16 Feb 1945

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

Occupation: Knightstown Marshall, Henry Co. Sheriff, Grocer, Farmer

Spouse: Clara Belle Montgomery

Birth Date: 16 Aug 1893

Birth Place: Rush Co., IN

Death Date: 17 Jun 1983

Death Place: New Castle, IN

Burial Place: Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, IN

Spouse Father: Henry Montgomery (1865-1937)

Spouse Mother: Luemma Doggett (1867-1925)

Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1915

Marriage Place: Henry Co., IN

Children: Doris Elinor

Ida Louise

George Ernest

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.4 Eugene "Gene" Bradway

Birth Date: 28 Aug 1894

Birth Place: Muncie, IN

Death Date: 18 Dec 1958

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.5a Gladys Lucy Bradway*

Birth Date: 6 May 1899

Birth Place: New Castle, IN

Death Date: 23 Feb 1958

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

Spouse: Jesse Earl Warrick

Marriage Date: 8 May 1919

Marriage Place: New Castle, IN

Other spouses: Arthur Estes Batten

Fred Lockridge

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.5b Gladys Lucy Bradway*

(See above)

Spouse: Arthur Estes Batten

Marriage Date: 14 Sep 1929

Other spouses: Jesse Earl Warrick

Fred Lockridge

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.5c Gladys Lucy Bradway*

(See above)

Spouse: Fred Lockridge

Marriage Date: 13 Apr 1941

Other spouses: Jesse Earl Warrick

Arthur Estes Batten

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.6a Viola Fay "Vi" Bradway*

Birth Date: 24 Jun 1902

Birth Place: Ogden, Henry Co., IN

Death Date: 13 Jul 1966

Death Place: Knightstown, IN

Spouse: Jonas Melson

Children: Mary Jane (Died Young)

Other spouses: Pierce Eugene Watkins Sr.

(6) 1.3.3a.2.3.6b Viola Fay "Vi" Bradway*

(See above)

Spouse: Pierce Eugene Watkins Sr.

Marriage Date: 1 Sep 1932

Children: Pierce Eugene (Died Young)

Other spouses: Jonas Melson

(5) 1.3.3a.2.4 Leota Ellen Cook

Birth Date: 3 Oct 1869

Birth Place: Near Alda, Hall Co., NE

Death Date: 4 Jan 1898

Death Place: New Castle, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

(5) 1.3.3a.2.5 Cornelia Cook

Birth Date: 6 Nov 1876

Birth Place: Cambridge City, IN

Death Date: 26 Sep 1899

Death Place: New Castle, IN

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

(4) 1.3.3a.3 Jasper Eldridge Cook

Birth Date: 7 Sep 1841

Death Date: 17 Nov 1868

Death Place: Hall Co., NE

Spouse: Sarah Jane Reece (Reese)

Death Place: Grand Island, NE

Marriage Date: 1866

Marriage Place: Hall Co., NE

(4) 1.3.3a.4 Mary Frances Cook

Birth Date: 24 Jun 1842

Death Date: 18 Jan 1875

Death Place: Eureka, Colorado

Spouse: Alexander Pullman

Spouse Father: Isaac Pullman

Spouse Mother: Rose ___

Marriage Date: 20 Jun 1860

(Alexander and Mary Pullman were married in the Colorado Territory.)

Marriage Place: Nevada Gulch, Colorado Territory

Children: Harriet (Died Young)

Ida May

George Burthold

(5) 1.3.3a.4.1 Harriet Pullman

Birth Date: 1863

(5) 1.3.3a.4.2 Ida May Pullman

Birth Date: 11 Sep 1864

Birth Place: Virginia City, Montana

(lived in Reno, Nevada in 1900)

Spouse: Ed B. Coffin

Children: Chester



(5) 1.3.3a.4.3 George Burthold Pullman

Birth Place: Virginia City, Montana

(4) 1.3.3a.5 Eugene Cook

Birth Date: 2 Feb 1846

Death Date: 26 Aug 1847

Death Place: OH

Burial Place: Cheviot, Ohio

(4) 1.3.3a.6 Emma Florence Cook

Birth Date: 9 Nov 1848

Death Date: 1 Mar 1849

Burial Place: Cambridge City, IN

(4) 1.3.3a.7 George Cook

Birth Date: 11 Jul 1853

Death Date: 17 Aug 1854

Death Place: IN

Burial Place: Charlottesville, Hancock Co., IN

(3) 1.3.3b Randolph Enos Cook*

(See above)

Spouse: Louiza Reece (Reese)

Death Place: Hall Co., NE

Other spouses: Mary Aurora Eldridge

(3) 1.3.4 Emily Cook

Death Place: Cincinnati, OH

Spouse: Hiram Woodworth

Children: Mary



Spencer Randolph


(4) Mary Woodworth

(4) Church Woodworth

(4) Timothy Woodworth

(4) Spencer Randolph Woodworth

(4) Charles Woodworth

(3) 1.3.5 Nancy Cook

Death Place: Burlington, Iowa

Spouse: Caleb Woodworth

(3) 1.3.6 Caroline Elizabeth Cook

Death Place: Columbus, NE

Spouse: Hilman Baker

Children: Edwin