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My Cady Family

1. Charles L.13 14 CADY

Birth Date: 179114

Birth Place: Mass.13 14

Occupation: Cabinetmaker14

Parents: Possibly Stoddard and Abigail Cady

Note: Stoddard Cady is listed in Jim Cady's _Cady Genealogy_ as living in Brookfield, Mass., and having four sons: David, Ezekiel, James and Charles Lewis, and because his son, Charles Lewis Cady was born in 1791, I am assuming, but have not proven, that this Charles L. Cady is the father of Henry Cady:

-A Charles L. Cady, cabinetmaker, lived in Uniontown, PA in 1850, where Henry and Mary Etta were married in 1853.

-That Charles L. Cady, carpenter, lived next door to Henry in 1860 in Van Buren Cty, IA, and had a son named David (the name of both a brother and a son of Stoddard Cady)

-That Charles L. Cady was born in 1791 in Massachusetts, according to information on the 1850 and 1860 census.

1790 U.S. Census, Brookfield, Massachusetts shows "Stodard Cady as head of household with 1male over 16, 4 males under 16, and 3 females.)

Spouse: Unknown _____

Birth Place: Rhode Island

Children: Henry


Other spouses: Sarah

1.1 Henry CADY

Birth Date: 7 Nov 1827

Birth Place: Erie Co., NY

Death Date: 15 Jul 1898

Death Place: Fitzgerald, Irwin Co. GA (Now Ben Hill Co.)

Burial Place: Macon, GA

Occupation: Carpenter, farmer, Civil War Veteran

Civil War: Co. A, 39th regiment, Iowa Infantry7

Spouse: Mary Etta McCOY

Birth Date: 12 Apr 1835

Birth Place: PA

Death Date: 28 Sep 19165

Death Place: Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA

Spouse Father: John18 McCOY (So far I have evidence, but no proof of this)

Spouse Mother: Hannah18 AKEN

Marriage Date: 7 May 1853

Marriage Place: Union Town, Fayette Co., PA

Children: Sarah Catherina

Alice Cornelia

George (Died Young)

William Lincoln

John Otto

Ulysses S. Grant ("Grant")

Minnie Belle

Leonard Wilson

1.1.1 Sarah Catherina CADY

Birth Date: 4 May 1855

Birth Place: Vernon, Iowa

Death Date: 18 Apr 1929

Spouse: Franklin Noble BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 185915

Birth Place: IN

Spouse Notes: Franklin N. Butterfield lived on a Missouri farm next to Henry Cady in 1870, at age 21. Farm was owned by (brother?) Wm. Butterfield, age 31, farmer. His family included: Mary age 26, Luella 5, Boris age 3, and Dalera, age 2.

Marriage Date: 3 Aug 1870

Marriage Place: Palmyra, Warren Co., Missouri

Children: Lilian (Lillie) Mae

Lewis (Lew) Frank

Emma (Mary Emily?5 )

Grace A.

Charles Willard

Edward Ross

Laura Olive

Henry Cady

Orin (Harrison Orren5 )

Oliver Thomas5

Vestona (Vesta)

Merrill Allen

Dollie (Died Young)

Etta Louise

Warren (Otis5?) (Died Young)

Newton Merano Lilian (Lillie) Mae BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 1 Apr 1872

Birth Place: MO Lewis (Lew) Frank BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 6 Jul 1873

Birth Place: MO Emma (Mary Emily?5 ) BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 4 Aug 1875

Birth Place: Iowa

Spouse: __________ NEWTON Grace A. BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 8 Apr 1877

Birth Place: Iowa

Spouse: _________ CAMPBELL

Children: Raymond Charles Willard BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 26 Jan 1879

Birth Place: Iowa Edward Ross BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 9 Mar 1881

Birth Place: Iowa Laura Olive BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 7 Feb 1883

Birth Place: Iowa Henry Cady BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 11 Jul 1885

Birth Place: Iowa Orin (Harrison Orren5 ) BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 27 Nov 1887

Birth Place: NE Oliver Thomas5 BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 17 May 1890 Vestona (Vesta) BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 2 Mar 1892

Birth Place: NE

Spouse: L.D. HAYES

Children: Margaret

Raymond Merrill Allen BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 23 Feb 1894

Birth Place: NE Dollie BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 14 Nov 1895 Etta Louise BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 7 Dec 1896

Birth Place: NE Warren (Otis5?) BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 15 Jul 1898

Birth Place: NE Newton Merano BUTTERFIELD

Birth Date: 29 Dec 1899

Birth Place: NE

1.1.2 Alice Cornelia CADY

Birth Date: 17 Sep 1857

Death Date: 1937

Death Place: CA

Spouse: Hiram ROGERS

1.1.3 George CADY

Birth Date: 1859

1.1.4 William Lincoln CADY

Birth Date: 20 May 1860

Birth Place: Iowa

Death Date: 3 Jul 1939

Burial Place: Alta Mesa Cemetery (Mountain View, CA)

Spouse: Elizabeth (Lizzie) COLLINS

Birth Date: Jul 186510

Birth Place: Missouri10

Marriage Date: 2 Oct 1881

Children: Nancy (Nannie,"Pearl") Pearl

Grace M. (Gracy)

Daisy M.

Hazel B.

Charles H.


Clarice William8 Nancy (Nannie,"Pearl") Pearl CADY

Birth Date: Sep 1882

Birth Place: Kansas

Spouse: John H. HARTLEY

Birth Date: Dec 1877

Birth Place: VA

Marriage Date: 21 Dec 1900 Grace M. (Gracy) CADY

Birth Date: 12 Sep 1884

Birth Place: Nebraska10 Daisy M. CADY

Birth Date: Sep 1886

Birth Place: Nebraska10

Spouse: _______ McCAY Hazel B. CADY

Birth Date: Nov 1889

Birth Place: Nebraska10 Charles H. CADY

Birth Date: Aug 189510

Birth Place: Nebraska10 Raymond? CADY Clarice William8 CADY

Birth Date: 11 Jun 1900

Birth Place: Nebraska

Death Date: 1 May 1976

Burial Place: Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, OR

Spouse: Dora Emily MANN8

Birth Date: 21 Jun 1901

Birth Place: Nebraska

Death Date: 27 Jan 1988

Death Place: Juneau, AK

Marriage Date: 19 Mar 1921

Marriage Place: Vancouver, WA

Children: Alvin Waldo

Other spouses: Pauline RILEY8 Clarice William8 CADY

(See above)

Spouse: Pauline RILEY8

Birth Date: 5 Sep 1915

Birth Place: Townsend, Mont.

Marriage Date: Apr 1937

Children: William Duane8


Other spouses: Dora Emily MANN8

1.1.5a John Otto CADY

Birth Date: 6 Apr 1866

Birth Place: Madison Co., Iowa

Death Date: 31 Dec 1947

Death Place: Monterey Park, CA

Burial Place: Rose Hills, Whittier, CA

Notes: John was an early City Councilman of Brawley, and was co-owner of a furniture store with Louis Lee. Brawley Pioneer: 1902

Spouse: Rebecca CROSLEY

Birth Date: Circa 1868

Birth Place: Iowa

Spouse Father: Thornton CROSLEY

Marriage Date: 1 Jul 1886

Marriage Place: Kearney, Buffalo Co., NE

Children: Mary

Other spouses: Libbie MASNY

Lola Cordelia CARPENTER

1.1.5a.1 Mary CADY

Birth Date: 13 Oct 1901

Birth Place: Mason City, Nebraska

Spouse: Anton H. ARP

Birth Date: Circa 1885

Birth Place: Denmark

Spouse Father: Peter ARP (1848-)

Spouse Mother: Wilhelmina NELSON (1853-)

Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1906

Marriage Place: Custer County, Nebraska

1.1.5b John Otto CADY

Spouse: Libbie MASNY

Marriage Date: 30 Nov 1893

Marriage Place: Ilwaco, Pacific Co., Washington

Other spouses: Rebecca CROSLEY

Lola Cordelia CARPENTER

1.1.5c John Otto CADY

Spouse: Lola Cordelia CARPENTER

Birth Date: 12 Sep 1880

Birth Place: St. John's, Clinton Co., Michigan

Death Date: 19 May 1979

Death Place: Yucaipa, CA

Burial Place: Desert Lawn Park, Calimesa, CA

Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1899

Marriage Place: Bartlett Hotel, No. Yakima, WA

Children: Leonard Dwight

Vivian Leola

Vera Mae

Cecil Rae

Alice Roberta

Other spouses: Rebecca CROSLEY

Libbie MASNY

1.1.5c.1 Leonard Dwight CADY

Birth Date: 5 Oct 1900

Birth Place: Sunnyside, WA

Death Date: 12 Jun 1968

Death Place: Brawley, CA

Spouse: Marjorie Anne MURPHY

Marriage Date: 6 Apr 1922

Children: Howard



1.1.5c.2 Vivian Leola CADY

Birth Date: 1 Oct 1904

Birth Place: Whittier, CA

Death Date: 24 Apr 1921

Death Place: Orange Co., CA

1.1.5c.3b Vera Mae CADY

Spouse: Benjamin Dopinger BLACK

Marriage Date: 3 Dec 1924

Children: Barbara Bernice

Other spouses: 2nd Husband: John Theders (1935)

3rd Husband: Walter Beall (1962)

4th Husband: Carl Moskaly (1976)

1.1.5c.4 Cecil Rae CADY

Birth Date: 20 Feb 1910

Birth Place: Brawley, CA

Death Date: 27 Aug 1973

Death Place: Brawley

Burial Place: Riverview Cemetery, Brawley

Spouse: Ethel KOCH

Marriage Date: 1940

Children: Clyde Calvin (Adopted)


1.1.5c.5 Alice Roberta CADY

Birth Date: 5 Sep 1913

Birth Place: Claremont, CA

Spouse: Lynn Russell THOMAS

Marriage Date: 27 May 1932

Children: Jane Thomas

Marilynn Mae

1.1.6 Ulysses S. Grant ("Grant") CADY

Birth Date: 25 Dec 1867

Birth Place: Palmyra, Warren Co., Iowa

Spouse: Armina (Mina) KING

Birth Date: Jan 187110

Birth Place: Estill Co., Kentucky

Spouse Father: Elihu KING

Spouse Mother: Armilda MORGAINE

Marriage Date: 28 Jan 1887

Marriage Place: Custer Co., NE

Children: Myrtle (Adopted) Myrtle CADY

Birth Date: Jan 188610

Birth Place: Nebraska

1.1.7 Minnie Belle CADY

Birth Date: 20 Jan 1870

Birth Place: Palmyra, Warren Co., Iowa

Death Date: Before 1955

Notes: Born "Mary Belle Cady"15

Spouse: Louis B. LEE

Birth Date: After 1860

Birth Place: Wisconsin

Death Date: 15 Oct 1915

Death Place: Los Angeles, CA

Burial Place: Inglewood Cemetery, L.A., CA

Occupation: Director of Imperial Valley Savings , land investor. Early Brawley, CA pioneer. Owned furniture store with John Cady, and invested in land in both the Imperial Valley, and in Los Angeles. In 1904 Louis owned 640 acres on the basin south of Mason City, including "the Lagoon" (per 1904 Atlas of Custer County). He began the digging of the ditch to drain the basin for purposes of growing corn.

Spouse Father: Steven B. LEE (1820-1897)

Spouse Mother: Ellen NIELSEN (1818-1887)

Children: Roy Clayton ("Clay")

Jessie Mabel

Albert Earle ("Earl")

Guy Leslie

Gladys Celestia Roy Clayton ("Clay") LEE

Birth Date: Feb 188710

Birth Place: Nebraska10

Spouse: Harriet DAILEY

Marriage Date: 18 Feb 1914

Marriage Place: Imperial Co., CA

Children: Winifred


Robert E. Jessie Mabel LEE

Birth Date: 16 Apr 1888

Birth Place: Custer County, Nebraska

Death Date: 7 Jun 1981

Death Place: Long Beach, CA

Burial Place: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA

Spouse: Harry Arthur STAUB

Birth Date: 28 May 1883

Birth Place: Greenville, IL

Death Date: 1957

Death Place: La Crescenta, CA

Burial Place: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA

Parents: Henry Harrison Staub and Jennie Clark Colcord

Marriage Date: 12 Aug 1909

Marriage Place: Riverside, CA

Children: Rowena Lucille

Harrison Lee Albert Earle ("Earl") LEE

Birth Date: 3 Dec 1890

Birth Place: Mason City, Nebraska

Death Date: 28 Nov 1933

Death Place: Brawley, CA

Burial Date: 30 Nov 1933

Burial Place: Inglewood Cem. Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Salesman, Shoe Store Manager

Spouse: Henrietta ("Rita") COVINGTON

Birth Date: Circa 1895

Birth Place: CA

Spouse Father: William COVINGTON

Spouse Mother: Mattie Minola REID

Marriage Date: 20 Jan 1920

Marriage Place: Imperial Co., CA

Children: Dorothy Jane Guy Leslie LEE

Birth Date: Jun 189310

Birth Place: Nebraska

Death Date: Circa 1930

Burial Place: Inglewood, CA

Occupation: Clerk, Bookkeeper

Spouse: Hulda GARBER

Birth Date: Circa 1894

Birth Place: IL

Death Cause: Methodist

Spouse Father: Samuel GARBER

Spouse Mother: Amelia STORNLEY,STOMLEY?

Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1912

Marriage Place: El Centro, Imperial Co., CA

Children: Patricia


Lewette Gladys Celestia LEE

Spouse: Arthur FRESTON

Occupation: Lawyer, Banker

Children: Edward

Marjorie Ann

1.1.8 Leonard Wilson CADY

Birth Date: 2 May 1872

Birth Place: Marysville, Missouri

Death Date: Circa 1940

Death Place: Huntington Beach, CA

Spouse: Mary Kerstine NELSON

Birth Date: Nov 187610

Birth Place: Lake Forest, IL (KY10 )

Spouse Father: Jens P. NELSON

Spouse Mother: Anna Mary _________

Marriage Date: 4 Jun 1895

Marriage Place: Mason City, NE

Children: Valerie M.

Neoma Iretha



Leroy Valerie M. CADY

Birth Date: Jan 1897 Neoma Iretha CADY

Birth Date: 13 Oct 1901

Birth Place: Mason City, Nebraska

Spouse: _______ ZAHN Helen CADY Fern CADY Leroy CADY

1.2 Deborah CADY

Birth Date: Circa 1838

Birth Place: New York



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