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Links to politically motivated artists & bands

This section as you may have guessed contains links to and information about bands who use their popularity and status to spread the word of understanding, tolerance, and awareness about the world today. these are the bands who carry the praise of the world socialist community for their efforts towards freedom and free speech for all the human race and against repression, from that of minorities to that of entire countries.  Currently the only bands/artists listed are those who are still alive.

        The name originated from the proposed name of the second record by Zack's previous band, Inside Out.  Inside Out broke up and the second album was never released, but the name eventually became known to millions of people. Zack was born in Mexico, and grew up in a heavily racist society, where brown-skins could not hold any important position in society or even a well-paid job. His music reflects his childhood, through the aggressive lyrics and the violent rap-metal music of the band. He has many grudges against the US society that inflicted suffering upon his race (which is still going on today,) and the governments that let it happen.  The guitarist, Tom, has often been compared to Jimi Hendrix and is purported to be the world's best living guitar player.  Many extreme right christian groups and even governments have attempted to wipe out the band, without much success.  They have produced three albums.
        The sites:

Rage Against the Machine
The complete Rage Against The Machine website
WSN Files on RATM

       iNsuRge released their first album in 1996, on the Warner label. The record company saw the band's potential and signed them in the expectation that their cult popularity would boost sales. So far the record company has gained very little in comparison to what iNsuRge have. They are based in Sydney, Australia, which means that most of their music is not about racial matters and violence as that of RATM is, but more of social and political criticism of the Australian Coalition government and the organisations in which it is involved, namely the World bank, the IMF, GATT and the way the UN is being starved by the USA. They have very recently split with Warner, but have a complete album and no debt. They are currently looking for a reliable distributor for the new album.
       The sites:

WSN Files on iNsuRge

       Billy Bragg has been writing poetry and music since the early 1980s and has been the target of much (jealous) criticism by the British government and police force, even to the extent of attempting to arrest him because of the messages in his music.  He has released 12 albums and it appears that he is not going to stop any time soon.  His style is social criticism, which appeals to more observant listeners who can see the undertones in many of his songs which would otherwise sound socially inert.  Along with his ambiguous songs he also writes some which leave no thinking to the listener, the message is so clear that anyone can understand what he means.
       The sites:

Billy Bragg
WSN Files on Billy Bragg

      John would be proud of him.  Julian Lennon, first son of the late John Lennon, has taken up his father's passions and continues his work for world peace.  His music is somewhat an extention on his fathers, albeit more modern.  Perhaps his most famous song, "Saltwater," was misunderstood by many and has been relegated to the rank of pub singalong, which is a great pity because it could have changed the world if enough people had the sense to listen to its message.  He has written many albums, most with social commentary and criticism mixed with contemporary & experimental rock styles to give an easy listening experience which educates the listener at the same time.
       The sites:

Julian Lennon
WSN Files on Julian Lennon

       The Beastie Boys, rather than writing lots of politically motivated or oriented music, give their time to causes such as the many "Tibetan Freedom" & "Free Mumia" concerts etc, and write a song for each.  They have a well defined style and have been working on it for more than a decade, and have inspired many other artists in their time.  They too have been harassed by extreme right religions groups and government departments for supporting various causes, and along with RATM and Pearl Jam, are on China's music blacklist (for supporting the liberation of Tibet of course.)
       The sites:

Beastie Boys
WSN Files on Beastie Boys

       Pearl Jam formed at the beginning of the 90s, and reflected the way they express themselves in the title of their first album, Ten.  Ten hands, Ten eyes, Ten ears.  The 5 members were made for music, as any listener will discover.  Their music covers a wide range of styles, right from metal to slow almost ballad rock, and each song evokes completely different emotions in the listener.  The lead singer, Eddie Vedder, is one of the most outstanding lyricists in the rock universe, and their concerts are phenomenally moving.  They donate much time and money to causes such as the "Tibetan Freedom" tours and support gigs for all sorts of organisations.  Their lyrics are also very important, as they criticise the ways of thinking which we have all been taught from an early age, they encourage the listener to break free from themselves and those that would otherwise have control over them, and discover what it is like to have their life in their own hands.
       The sites:

Pearl Jam
Five Horizons
WSN Files on Pearl Jam