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This page is a list of people who are currently members of World Socialist Network. Initially members will be given membership status, and intellectual input into the content of the page. Unfortunately, due to the "human natures" and "opinions" that are propagated by today's capitalist leadership (ie greed, hatred etc.) we will not currently be able to give out access to this site's editing.

To become a member, send us an email with some of your personal details:

Preferred Nick:

We will update the member list every time we get a new member application, but in the case of misconduct by a member on behalf of the World Socialist Network, we "reserve the right" to terminate a membership at any time. Only in extreme circumstances will this be necessary.

WSN Member Sign-up email address

Founding Members


Contributing Members

Chris Pollock
Nick: Chris (!)
Age: 17
Location: Virginia, USA

Brian Storoe
Nick: Case
Age: 18
Location: Oregon, USA