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This is a forum for me to show what the world is currently like. This is what really happens in those places you hear nothing about. The purpose of this is to show the world the truth about our capitalist governments and our primary, ruling system of the "free" market, and their effects on this planet. I hope that it will open some peoples eyes and let them see that things are not so good, that they are not so nice, and are not so sanitary. I can hardly say "enjoy these pictures and files" or "have fun", but at least watch and learn, and don't turn away. This is the military and political state of our world.

Political Areas:

Freedom and Capitalism
Democracy and Capitalism
Political Power and Capitalism
World Control and Capitalism
Repression of Anti-Capitalist Dissent
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Military Areas:

The Causes of Capitalist Conflict
Warfare and Capitalism
The Myths of Capitalism's War
The Weapons Industry
Militarism and Capitalism
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