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My Sweet Love

Skin so soft and eyes so bright
My lonely heart aches in the night.
My body yearns for your touch,
I only wish that you loved me as much.
        My sweet love

Darkened hair and skin so light
Our lips kiss all through the night.
I only wish but can not wait
to see what is our loving fate
        My sweet love

My aching love is blinded for you
Doves, and my yearning so blue.
If only we two could share
Our binding love, without a care.
        My sweet love

Does it matter that I was taken?
Does it matter my life was shaken?
Does it matter I have been loved?
You are the one I dream most of.
        My sweet love

Please accept me as I am.
Me as me and you as man.
This is true, I am sincere
My aching heart for you is near.

        My sweet love

Under amber skies and moons so bright,
These words of love I do write.
Please stay with me, my one true love
And hear sweet angels from above.
        My sweet love

How wonderful is our love,
My heart swings from above.
Our bodies joined in bright light,
Our love shines all through the night.
        My sweet love.

© July 2000 Cherie xoxo

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